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Day 360 – So close… yet so far still to go

After a few beers last night and less sleep than the body was wishing for, tonight’s run was never going to be an easy one. I set off with the crazy target of clocking up a second sixteen miler in three days. A really tall order. I didn’t feel like it at all.

Having moaned about running over the ranges in the dark the other day, you’d think I’d have learned my lesson. No, obviously not, I ran straight up to the ranges again! It got dark, I left the ranges by the road down near Ash Vale station and headed out towards the army town. I have to say, the fatigue was really starting to show, I couldn’t hold even an eight minute mile this evening. I was struggling to run to be honest.

I decided to have a bit of a review of the last year, the fun moments, the tough bits and took my mind of it all quite effectively. Highlights and interesting events of the year I managed to recall include of course meeting Mo yesterday, but also finishing the Brighton Marathon and hour and quarter faster than last year, running in 12 inches of snow in Cardiff, determinedly hobbling for three miles on the sprained ankle, torrential rain in Barcelona during the half marathon, a strong finish at Wilmslow in 1h36, running up and down a pitch black dual carriageway at Beamsley during my Sense holiday and finally, day 1 where a load of people and plenty of my friends turned out to wish me well on my way to 1095miles, despite thinking I was a lunatic! It seems so long ago 😉

I arrived home completely knackered but having completed my target of 16 miles and with a good idea of what the post 1095miles/365days blog post should be like.

Okay, two days of the absolute minimum 3 miles now, hopefully giving the legs a little time to rest before Sunday. I’ve overdone it, I know that, but at least I should be able to post a reasonable time and I’m sure to beat my PB for the GNR, being that it’s only 1h59m20s!

[A little] more tomorrow!

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Today’s shoes: Blue and White Kayano 17s
Miles today: 16.05
Target: 1080
Miles to date: 1659.00
“Obstacles are those frightening things that become visible when we take our eyes off our goals.”
Henry Ford

Day 230 – It feels like 230 should be a significant number. But it isn’t!

Firstly, today’s qotd is one of the more profound you’ll see on the blog. Having read Armstrong’s first book (which I would strongly recommend to everyone)he kind of knows what he’s talking about on the subject.

Now for the weekend. Around 35 of us have spent the weekend in Newport Pagnell for the annual Sense Holiday Leader weekend where we get together to share information about the range of people we provide holidays to and also invite specialists in the field to join us and introduce current best practice and skills. It’s always a fun weekend, but hard work and we barely see the light of day between Friday evening and Sunday afternoon. The weekend provides a great opportunity to reminisce about last year’s holiday, to reflect upon the challenges of the group and share the ways in which you yourself approached and overcame them. We work with incredibly interesting Holidaymakers throughout the summer and despite the positive side of providing each one with an exciting holiday, it brings into stark relief the difficulty the family face every single day of the year to support them. Every holiday I have done now (and I’ve done quite a few) has been a true personal challenge and every one is vastly different. That’s why the weekend is so important. Sharing last year’s lessons, things as simple as ‘Johnny likes a lamp outside his door at night’ or ‘Sally hates finger food’ can save us a great deal of effort in working things out this time round and help each holiday to run that little bit more smoothly. It’s also a great opportunity to spend time with other leaders, people I consider very good friends and sadly with whom I spend very little time over the course of each year.

The next holiday related event is the volunteer training day, a matter of weeks away now. It’s our opportunity as leaders to introduce our volunteers to the detail of the holiday and hopefully start to prepare them for the event itself. We try to allay any fears they may have and reassure people that we were once sitting where they are, ultimately not quite knowing what to expect from the week. I have a plan for our group this year… Watch this space.

We’re also a mere 20 days away from David’s homage to running in the media of film. He promised to provide us with a run through of his favourite running scenes and I’m personally really looking forward to it.

I’m planning a longer run tomorrow, ahead of the Bupa Great Manchester at the weekend. See you there…?


Today’s shoes: ‘Getting on for 200 miles and not so new’ Kayano 17′s
Miles today: 3.00
Target: 690
Miles to date: 880.65
“If you ever get a second chance in life for something, you’ve got to go all the way.”
– Lance Armstrong

Day 147 – A long-ish, short-ish run. If you know what I mean?!?!

I deferred the long run of Sunday to this evening. Work was very busy today and I had other stuff to do after work too. This led me to defer the evening run to even later. Then it got to half nine and I decided it was now or never. The long run turned into a rather short long run of only 5.5 miles. Still, I got myself out there in the cold and actually felt pretty good running. I think I’m going to declare peanuts, or in fact any type of nuts to be a good energy food that seems to get me out of a hole. I’ve been munching on the things all day and having arrived home late, having nothing but a tiny granola bar to eat and half a pint of orange juice before I set off, I feared a tough one. It wasn’t that bad. Though I was running around 8min/mile pace for the most part. Not so speedy by the standard nowadays!

I got an email today saying the ballot (new this year, I believe) for the Royal Parks Half Marathon in October opens on Wednesday. No rush, it’s open for a fortnight and I’ll post another reminder when I remember to enter myself. I’m reliably informed it’s a lovely route. I’m in if I can be…

Today’s buzzing-mind-whilst-I-run veered off the running focused rails into some more of the philosophical musings. Don’t ask why, I wont tell you, but the idea that I’m defined by this running lark and more than that, known for it and it only has resurfaced today. Sometimes I feel like I’m writing my memoirs via the medium of the internet. Maybe I am. My long Running memoirs? I’m not convinced it’ll sell! Anyway, I’ve got some catching up to do. On that and other writings.

More musings and memoirs tomorrow… in the meantime, here’s an interesting video from the wonderful resource that is TEDTalks… Are we born to run?

Tuesday run tomorrow everyone. See you there!

Oh and happy Valentine’s 😉


Today’s shoes: Kayano 17
Miles today: 5.50
Target: 441
Miles to date: 528.80
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Day 18 – I just couldn’t do it…

Today, I just couldn’t do it…

The running in the morning! Why, what did you think? I’d given up!

Anyway, especially as yesterday was a run starting before 6am, I felt really lazy today and accordingly left it until this evening to run. I still got 3 miles in, we’re nearly at three weeks now! When I get to a month, I’ll be happy. Oh, and I’ve run over 5% of 1095 miles now.

On the plus side, the dodgy ankle pain that has plagued my runs for a fortnight now is beginning to subside by mid-way through the run. They always say, if the pain starts and doesn’t go within 10 minutes, stop running. I’ve *had to* ignore that advice and crack on. It appears it may be sorting itself a bit, however the post run aches and pains are pretty bad. Time for more ice therapy. There are plenty of other pains and cramps taking the place of the ankles though, it’s definitely not easy!

I had a call from a guy on Sense’s fundraising team today asking me to be involved in a campaign they are running with one of the children who my group took on holiday this year. When it’s out, I’ll post it here. It’s really nice to be asked. As the charity themselves have pointed out recently, I do quite a lot for Sense holidays (and a bit more each day at present!) but it’s a superb program and a truly worthy cause that I personally very much believe in. What’s another half hour!

Tomorrow’s plan is to head for the Bushy Parkrun again, first thing. See you there!??!?

Have a great weekend people,


Miles today: 3.00
Target: 54
Miles to date: 55.81
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