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Day 365: 1095Miles

I’m not sure what to say. It’s all done. I just wanted to get the final blog up. I’ll try and put something up in a few days when it’s all sank in. But for now…

…I went for a nice paced run around one of my more regular routes this evening. I was joined by some new people to the blog and some names you’ll recognise.

Thanks to The Man from Spandau Ballet, The Mond, Bean, The Full Continental, The Boss, The Legal Lady, A Touch of Frost, TD, The Older Gentleman (he’ll kill me for that) and The Sunbed Boy for coming along.

Miles Today: 3.00
Miles Completed: 1231.45
Miles To Go: 0
Shoes: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 14


Day 36: Back to normal

I went for another lunch time run today. The Man from Spandau Ballet (I should have picked a shorter name) came along again. I think we were both hoping the other had forgotten that we’d arranged to run together until I remembered I’d have to run anyway :p

We negotiated before hand and agreed to a much more sensible pace. It was a much more enjoyable run with no suspected heart attacks.

Went on the usual work route.

Miles Today: 3.11
Miles Completed: 130.03
Miles To Go: 987
Shoes: Asics GT 3000

Day 29: A morning run but no company

Went for another morning run today (without my bag). It felt so much better. My knees are still feeling yesterday’s a little but doesn’t seem like anything permanent (fingers crossed). J-wrecks didn’t make it unfortunately but he made up for the lack of company by providing breakfast when I got back :)

I had a huge lunch and The Man from Spandau Ballet bought cookies so I’m currently munching away on them. I have to say I think my new “running diet” needs to be looked at with a critical eye soon. I’m definitely not eating the right foods or quantities. Anyway, I better head back to work!!

Miles Today: 3.15
Miles Completed: 108.36
Miles To Go: 1008
Shoes: Asics GT 3000

Day 28: A “pleasant” morning run

Sorry for last night’s excuse for a blog. I was told today by The Man from Spandau Ballet that it was riveting. I reckon he was being a little sarcastic though. Not sure why, intuition maybe 😉

I went for a run in the rain this morning before work. I was running from a friend’s house so I had my overnight gear with me. In my defence, I realise this was a bad idea now. Firstly, my bag is more a school bag than a running bag. Secondly, it was a hell of a lot heavier than I thought. Thirdly, I’m not used to running with a bag and it threw off my entire stride. I also had some technical difficulties – the SD card in my phone unmounted and that uninstalled Endomondo. Very annoying considering I didn’t notice for a half mile or so. This also explains the two maps below. Needless to say, a suitable bag is now on my shopping list!!

Saying all that, it was nice to arrive into work after having had a shower and knowing my run was done for the day. I was also in the office before my shower. That wasn’t as pleasant for me or the few people that were around!

Staying with J-wrecks tonight so hopefully will get another morning run in. I don’t think I ever thought I’d be the kind of person to use the word hopefully in relation to getting a morning run in!!

Miles Today: 3.15
Miles Completed: 105.21
Miles To Go: 1011
Shoes: Asics GT 3000

Day 24: I’m officially out as attempting 1095miles

Yesterday, The Man from Spandau Ballet who I work with asked me about the blog. Since I hadn’t told him about it and members of my extended family have also been reading unknown to me, I think that means people officially know. It was inevitable I guess! It’s an odd feeling but will provide some extra motivation in the coming months 😉

Spent most of the day trying to read stuff for my upcoming exam. It didn’t go particularly well. Only a few days left at least.

My run started out as “I just want this done with” but ended up helping to clear my head and I quite enjoyed it. Still not too sure I can convince myself that hills are a useful part of my training but I’ll try to keep it in mind when running around here. Maybe I should find a “proper” hill and stop moaning?

Miles Today: 3.15 Miles
Completed: 92.73
Miles To Go: 1023
Shoes: Asics GT 3000