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Day 26: Do you often see me running? It’s not unusual!

Went to see Sir Tom Jones last night, I love him. Not in a throw your knickers on the stage type love but love his voice. It is immense. The fact that he was performing just across the road from me made it even better. The man is 72 and, unlike all the other ageing rockers who should just give up like McCartney, Elton and Cliff, he still sounds brilliant. He did look a bit less nimble on stage and it made me wonder whether he might be doing the 1095 challenge as well.

The achilles is bearing up and after starting to read Barefoot Running by Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton I have realised I may have adjusted my landing a bit but I am doing it all wrong. Made a few adjustments today which seemed to help from a comfort point of view but need to read the book properly if I am going to be serious about making the transition to barefoot running techniques. Does anyone know of any classes that teach proper technique?

Day 26
Miles 3.3
Total Miles 86
Miles to go 1008
Trainers Asics GT2000