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Day 345: Raining all day long….

This morning I awoke to rain, so what I hear you say, but firstly I had to run in it, then drive for 2 1/2 hours to Wales. Raining all the way to The Gower, and has not stopped even now, which means rain from 6.30am till 8pm with out a break, and we are camping!!! Happy days…
Tent is up, we have eaten and now time for a drink or two, as Tonya’s mum and dad are here along with Vicky, Ben and the girls and Lara and Millie.. So lots of cousins playing, while we drink and chat…
The run was not fast and in the wet, so nothing to report. 
Oh and it’s still raining…

Day 345
Miles today 3
Miles completed 1136
Miles to go -41

Day 344: Burning them off

I have now reached a total of over 200000 calories by running a minimum of 3 miles a day…. That can be worked out at 371 burgers, or over 1100 pints of beer….. 
I ran very slowly tonight, legs felt heavy and run was hard work, low on energy for some reason, but 21 days left before I hit 365…

Day 344
Miles today 3
Miles completed 1133
Miles to go -38

Day 343: Finished… Well Samuel has finish primary school…

Today was year 6’s leavers day. Samuel has been at Millbrook School for 8 years, throughout these years he has grow and developed into a young man. The school has changed over that time as well, and I believe is heading in a very good direction.Today we watch 60+ children give a full presentation of their time at Millbrook, standing in front of 480+ children, staff and parents, they are a great year group and everyone of them should be very proud of how they spoke today. I wish everyone good luck next year, and Thank you to all the staff at Millbrook. 
Samuel has worked very hard this year and achieved some really good results, which he can build on as he starts secondary school in September. 

I ran a very steady 3 miles, felt hard work for some reason, body is wanting a break, but think it is my mind more than body saying that… Only 22 days left…

Day 343
Miles today 3
Miles completed 1130
Miles to go -35

Day 342: Change of blog

I was going to write about Samuel’s school leavers party, but after watching this, it does not seem right.

Watching Great Ormond Street, what these kids are going through is heart wrenching, the doctors are amazing… But there are many children who don’t get the chance to live, that is heart breaking….
That’s why I am running for Make A Wish, for those who will not make it, and will die…

Please please help them, by giving a small amount to make their wish come true before they die…. Giving them a smile and their families happy memories… 
PLEASE hit here

Day 342
Miles today 3
Miles completed 1127
Miles to go -32

Day 341: Busy week for the boys, then holiday time.

Working for two days then off for one, back to work for one, then holiday time…Headington today, looking at some small project and catching up with colleagues. Back to town this afternoon and reading more papers, I spend more time reading than anything else!!!
I ran after 9pm tonight, cooler and less wind. The dog came out with me again, and no problems so time for him to loss some weight! Not many people about tonight only one cat to which Baloo when mad and dragged my off into a garden….

Day 341
Miles today 3
Miles completed 1124
Miles to go -29

Day 340: Late night run. 

Bad planning today, so a late night run. But running with the dog again, so that was good. Too late to say any more.

Day 340
Miles today 3
Miles completed 1121
Miles to go -26

Day 339: Camping prep…

Took the tent to the green, put up and then waterproofed all the seams so hopefully my work will not be needed next week as we are camping, and hoping for sun. Plus getting other camping equipment ready, as well as the normal weekend jobs. Tonya came back from work and suggested we headed to the pub for tea. As I had not ran, I headed out with running gear on and arranged to meet them at the pub… I also took the dog, first time for over 3 weeks, he was very keen, but is knackered now…. 
3 mile run, pub meal and 2 mile walk back with the family, lovely evening.

Day 339
Miles today 3
Miles completed 1118
Miles to go -23

Day 338: Thank crunchy it’s Friday 

I ran this morning, down Cumnor hill, a good speed but I felt total empty of energy. Last night hill run has taken its toll. Looking for to 36 hours of no running.

298 people died 12 months ago today, no one has been found guilt. There is a team working out who was responsible, but once it has been discovered how are they brought to justice.. There is never a winner in war… 

Day 338
Miles today 3
Miles completed 1115
Miles to go -20 

Day 337: Cubs and Scouts at Youlbury

The last night for cubs and Scouts,  so an evening at Youlbury scout center.  The cubs had a bbq and ran round.  Then the scouts light a light, making shelters and then had a bbq.


Too many burgers and hot dogs….

I ran from work to Boars hill. A total of 4.5 miles most of it was up hill and across country so not fast. When I arrived I made up the run to 5 Miles. .
Day 337

Miles today 5

Miles completed 1112

Miles to go -17

Day 336: Year 6 production, 

Peter Pan tonight, all of year 6 put on a great show. They and their teachers worked so hard leading up to tonight. A lovely evening and a super group of children, good luck next year in year 7, which ever school you go to.
I ran after the show, just three miles with some speed work, trying to build up the 3 mile speed, would love to hit 21 minutes for 3 miles!!

Day 336

Miles today 3

Miles completed 1107

Miles to go -12