Day 356 – City of Culture 2013

Headed straight from work towards Letterkenny for the weekend.  I stopped in a petrol station half way down the road to use the toilets to change into running gear as had decided to stop in Derry and do my run along the river before heading on to Letterkenny.  I had not expected the banks of the foyle to be so busy with families and party goers …all out celebrating a music festival for the Summer solstice …it was so busy I didn’t want to run back through the crowds so instead I decided to do the loop known as the ‘2 bridges’ – 6.2 miles later I was back at the car and was pretty happy that I had done the complete circuit.  When I got to Letterkenny I was even happier that I had stopped in Derry to run as it was rally weekend and the town was full of boy racers cruising around town..most are grand but there are always a couple of yahoos ready to abuse 
  • Miles today: 6.2
  • Miles completed: 1180.4
  • Miles to go: (85.4)
  • Days to go: 9
  • Shoes: Adidas Boost

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