Day 357 – Letterkenny laps

In an effort to avoid the crowds in Letterkenny I went to the track  – I had not been at it before  – it is new since my days in Letterkenny.  It was really nice but they charged me a fortune to get on to it…well not a fortune but it seemed a bit steep to me.  Anyway  I started doing steady loops  – it was sort of drizzly but not too bad  – but just I was doing my last loop the heavens opened – I got absolutely drenched and I took that perfect excuse to run off the track …feeling like yes I had done my 3 miles but no I not got good value for the money I had paid…. I think I would have had to do another few miles and few sprint laps  to feel like Ihad got my moneys worth!  
  • Miles today: 3.2
  • Miles completed: 1183.6
  • Miles to go: (88.6)
  • Days to go: 8
  • Shoes: Adidas Boost

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