Day 359 – My final last Monday

And so here it is …my last week of this challenge.  I can’t quite believe it  – When I started this challenge last year I never thought I would reach this stage  – I was sure there would be some point when life would make running impossible but here I am, having just run my 52nd Monday in a row – this time next week will be my first day off running in a year!! Will be so weird! I was booking flights to London today for next week and was thinking that it was crap that was on a late flight back as would have to run when I got back …and then I remembered …I actually won’t  have  to run…happy …sad?
  • Miles today: 3.4
  • Miles completed: 1190
  • Miles to go: (95)
  • Days to go: 6
  • Shoes: Adidas Boost

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