Day 361 – Limerick gym run – 4 runs to go!

Well into proper countdown now!  Tonight I am in Limerick  – staying in a hotel outside the city along a dual carriage way  – so despite it being a really nice night I opted for the gym…just managing to get in before they closed the doors to entrants..much to the dismay of the staff who i think were hoping for an early finish!   Was a good run on a rather rigitty old treadmill. 

Have been thinking about the whole challenge and thinking about my final days – planning to head out with the some family and friends on saturday night to celebrate and so will finish in a typical Sunday style …with a bit of a sore head!

  • Miles today: 3.6
  • Miles completed: 1197
  • Miles to go: (102)
  • Days to go: 4
  • Shoes: Adidas Boost

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