Day 364 – The penultimate run

Today for my penultimate run I ran to retrieve my car that I had left up in Malone House having been there for a BBQ the evening before.  Going to get something or running with a purpose has always felt like a good use of running time.  I hadn’t ever really run up in Barnett Demense before and it was really beautiful …lots of people out and about – we are really lucky in Belfast to have lots of parks and the tow path which means you can opt off the busy roads when you want.  Cant believe second last run is done … now just for tomorrow …going out tonight so maybe not going to finish with a speedy one!
  • Miles today: 3.5
  • Miles completed: 1206.7
  • Miles to go: (111.7)
  • Days to go: 1
  • Shoes: Adidas Boost

One comment

  1. Athlete's Foot says:

    One ta go!! :-)