Day 356: Runners Unite

Joined by a few familiar faces today and a new one for my lunch time run. Simon Big Bum McGuinness, Neil Speedy Martina and Reliable Richard Salisbury. Richard came up from London after graduating into the Met. Someone is pleased to be a making a difference in the world, Good for him. We were also joined by Dave Runner Rayment who recently ran London in 02:59:59, 1 second under 3 hours. Pretty good timing.

We went a for a gentle jog but a bit further today. Twas very nice to be running as a bit of a group and have a natter but it was very hot, I was still sweating after a freezing cold shower.

After that it was off to Leicester to watch some Focus groups. Working with one of my old Agency mates on a project was really good fun and great to see his business really taking off. We went for a quick half and catch up afterwards but it did mean I didn’t get home till midnight.

Day 356
Miles 4.26
Miles so far 1203.64
Miles to go -108.64
Trainers Nike Groupies

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