Day 358: Superhuman

Today, what can I say about today? Today my brother and his lifelong friend Jason Miles competed at the Superhuman Games in Bristol. After 9 months of training and dedication they put their balls on the line and gave those young whipper snappers a lesson in grit and determination. With buggered knees and backs they pushed on through some of the most brutal events I have ever seen while many around them were dropping out. They even managed to come second in one of their heats, I’ve never seen sledge hammers swung with such venom. Extremely proud.

Of course I had to fit in my run while they were being massaged and patched up. Was quite a nice run, around the park, along the river, under Clifton Suspension Bridge, up through a forest and bloody long hill, across the bridge, up and around the observatory, down through the zig zags across the river and back. Five miles was a bit unexpected but enjoyable.

One really badly sun burnt neck at the end of the day.
Day 358
Miles 4.97
Miles so far 1211.73
Miles to go -116.73
Trainer Nike Warriors

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