Day 359: Pedal for your life

After yesterdays Superhuman efforts today another hero of my mine got on their bike and pushed themselves to the limit after several years of dedication to the sport. No not Bradley Wiggins, although he did do well, but my Sister Emma Pedalling Penn. She successfully managed to navigate round the 100k tour de vale and apparently did so without any cake. Way to go Sis.

Went for a run with Troy this evening, worryingly when I stood up to get off the sofa to meet him my so called good hip was agony. Stretched it out and hobbled off for my run with him. After 3 miles it seemed to loosen up a bit but bloody hell it was tough going. Hope it’s temporary and will be ok in the morning.
Day 359
Miles 3.27
Miles so far 1215
Miles to go -120
Trainers Nike Skin and Blisters

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