Day 364: Penultimate

After a rehydration sachet and a dirty breakfast sandwich I still felt like crap. Last night was a bit messy but a great laugh. After soldiering through the morning it was time for my penultimate run and last run at work.

I was joined by quite a few people, many of whom who have joined me throughout the year and several who were just keen to support me and recognise what is kind of a neat achievement. What was really great was being joined by several people from the original team who helped to fund and build the school in Zambia. Jon Jonno Oldham, Holli Hollipops (I ran the whole way, honest) Posnett and Clare Ledders Ledbury. The others who joined me were Neil Sprint Finish Martin, Dave Sub 3 Rayment, Will New York Douglas, Paul Collapsed Core Thorley, Lynsey Leading From The Front Harvey, Graeme Vomit Ninja Chrichton, Antony Read The Small Print Britten, Elton John Holmes and David Triathlon Talbot.

After a mile or so of gentle running and chatting the hangover actually wore off, running is truly magic. The biggest challenge of the day is maintaining my time honored tradition of giving everyone a nickname. Apologies for the less imaginative ones. Now to get ready for tomorrow.

Day 364
Miles 3.26
Miles so far 1230.82
Miles to go -135.82
Trainers Nike Penultimates

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