What is 1095miles?

In September 2009, journalist James Ellis took a voluntary redundancy package from his role as deputy features editor and travel editor of Metro, the free morning commuter newspaper in London.

With a generous package in his pocket, he set off to start a new career as a freelance writer and editor and, to keep himself on track, decided to set himself a challenge: to run three miles a day, EVERY day for a year… that’s right, no days off.

With the year over, the challenge was then taken up by Andy Ratcliffe who did a stunning job from September 2010 onwards – effectively becoming co-owner of 1095miles.com.

Since then, others have taken up the challenge and it has now become this running blog where you can find others who have taken up the challenge.

You can follow their progress and where and when they ran thanks to some nifty technology from companies such as Garmin and Endomondo that tracks them via satellite and shows off a host of other flashy stuff like their heart rates.


Fancy taking up the challenge as well? Email us here for details how and we’ll get you a log in for the site

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