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Day 365 – Yes, that’s right, day 365!!!!!

Well that’s it then! Done!
I’ve been thinking about what to write in my final blog and to be honest, I’m just going to type and see where it takes me.It may well turn into war and peace or I may get bored and cut it short….so let’s see how it goes!
I’m writing this a week after finishing as it’s really nice not to think about the challenge for a bit. I wasn’t entirely sure how I would feel upon finishing but it came as a bit of a relief as my body was starting to break a little! I’d discussed the actual finish with Steve Morris and also with Jon and Ste and it’s a bit of a strange thing really as there is no finish line – when you run a race there are spectators and a defined finish line. We are away on holiday at the moment for Sarah’s Mum Hazel’s 70th Birthday celebrations but we coincided it with the final run and took the opportunity to meet up with Stephen Marsden and his family as he was the one who got us doing the bloody challenge!! So we arrived at the Marsden residence and planned our last 3 miles.
So we headed out and were accompanied by Joe, Sam, Freddie, Isaac and Heidi. The kids ran at various paces and the 3 1095 milers hung back and compared notes from the past year. It was a really pleasant run around Bromborough and we finished outside Frankie and Bennys before stuffing our faces in celebration!!
As we went round our final 3 mile route we swapped stories from throughout the year so I guess that is how I should finish my final blog.
What have I learned? I’ve learned that if I didn’t get out for my run I started to get withdrawal symptoms and get grumpy (at which point Sarah would say go out and do your ‘bloody run’!!) I’ve also learned that, as Northy would put it, running is cool. You see a spike in runners after New Year or if there’s been athletics on the tv! However, it’s been really humbling to see the amount of people who have started running because of our efforts. I learned that the hardest part of the challenge has been the blogging, fellow 1095 milers will know what I mean!
Looking back at best and worst runs now. Most bizarre moment has to be the 4.30am run before my Christmas do when I was accompanied by a bloke who was a little bit….well he was on something!! He saw me coming and decided to jog along on his way to his mates apparently, really strange when you’re half asleep and it’s the early hours!! Hardest runs were definitely the week or so when my back was really bad and I came the closest to giving up. But there was also the run when I had the dreaded sickness and diarrhoea bug – the contents of my stomach wanted to go up or down but I was desperately trying to keep them central!! The best runs have to be the half marathons and certainly the Liverpool marathon – couldn’t believe I made it around 26 miles and that I had actually attempted it in the middle of the challenge! Also, the best runs have to be the ones with other people. Lots of runs with Northy discussing high and lows of the challenge and our respective weight losses and pace improvements. Other friends and fellow runners joined me along the way and also some lovely runs with my eldest Joe and also Sarah and the kids joined me quite a few times following on their bikes.
So I guess I better summarise now to finish off with!
The year has been an interesting and challenging one. I have achieved an enormous amount and managed to get through everything that has been thrown at me. I’ve finished my degree after 3 years studying and we’ve had the bombshell of Millie’s diabetes diagnosis. We’ve also had several hospital visits with Joe bashing his head and Charlie cutting his open as well as the most scary experience of my life so far when Charlie was convulsing in the bath and I was preparing myself for CPR! I’ve run in sun, wind, rain, ice (but strangely no snow!!) but, as the best song in the world says, ‘When you walk through a storm, hold your head up high’ and at the end of the storm there is a golden sky. Yes, it’s very true, you will never walk (or run) alone.
My last words though, have to be a massive thankyou to all those who have helped and supported me throughout the year and especially to my amazing wife Sarah and my fantastic kids!
Keep on running people and good luck to all those who are on the challenge and those just taking it up…it’s been emotional!!

Final Grove Run
final grove run

Coming over the finish line!!

The 3 amigos enjoying after challenge drinks!!
in frankie and bennys

Miles Today : 3
Miles Completed : 1239 (1269.78 without rounding down!)
Days Left : 0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shoes : Brooks Adrenaline GTS 1100

Day 364 – One to go!!!

A bit of a weird feeling knowing that after today’s run there was only one to go!
So me and Northy ran along Hoylake prom in a rather gusty wind chatting about the year that’s gone and the fact we were nearly done!
Routine 3 miles and followed by a very nice day out in Liverpool!

Miles Today : 3
Miles Completed : 1236
Days Left : 1
Shoes : Brooks Adrenaline GTS 1100

Day 363 – Off up North

Off to the Wirral today so decided to run before we travelled.
Sarah decided to visit A&E before we went on holiday this time rather tan waiting until we were away!! Nothing serious, just an infection in her foot which needs antibiotics thankfully.
As we had officially ran our last Grove run, we drove to Wantage and ran to Ardington with Joe and Sam. Rather pleasant although somewhat painful 3 miles (my knee has decided it’s time to stop the challenge, rather sore!!) Swapped back to my Brooks trainers too for a bit of comfort!
So run done and only two to go. Finally got on the road at teatime and made it to my Aunt and Uncle’s house in Hoylake just before 9 for a bit of dinner and a couple of beers!

Miles Today : 3
Miles Completed : 1233
Days Left : 2
Shoes : Brooks Adrenaline GTS 1100

Day 362 – Final Grove run

Well nearly there!
We are due to go away Sat to meet up with Stephen Marsden and run on day 365 together so there was time for one last 3 miles around Grove before the challenge is complete.
Jon had Facebooked everyone to invite as many as possible to join us for a final 3 miles. He had quite a few replies but we were overwhelmed by the amount of people who turned up to support us and run with us. I’d spoken to our local paper and they sent a photographer down so hoping we get our ugly mugs in the paper next week! He took some shots of the two local running nutters along with my daughter Millie and Jon’s friend Ben – the two people who’s charities we are running for.
So eventually we set off (after a pint of course!) and not only where we joined by friends and family along with a host of kids, we were graced by the presence of the man who’s fault it is we have been running every day this past year – Steve Morris! Cheers for coming Steve and only joking, it’s James’s fault really but I’m still holding you partially responsible!
I’m sure Jon has covered most of the run in his blog so you can check the details on his rather tedious effort! Highlights though include Nigel turning up in a skin tight crash test dummy lycra outfit (fool!!), Jeff running another 3 miles after just running 12, Toby running day 2 of his challenge (welcome aboard mate, glad you’re taking over the baton!) and our wives getting totally lost on the airfield!
So it’s goodbye to Grove 3 miles for the year and only 3 runs left! Thankyou again to everyone who came down tonight and for your support throughout. All that was left was to have a pint or three to celebrate!!

Miles Today : 3
Miles Completed : 1230
Days Left : 3
Shoes : Nike Zoom Streak 4

Day 361 – Come on Eastleigh!!

I got in from work happy that I had now finished for a while and we were away on holiday from the weekend.
It’s always typical that I can’t sleep properly on nights but when it comes to the last shift and I need to be up and about, I could sleep for England!!
So when Sarah came and woke me up at 1pm, I really could’ve carried on sleeping for a few more hours! However, we needed to be at the hospital with Joe and Millie to take part in a diabetes research study. Joe was amazing having his blood taken and it was great to see him taking part in the study to help not only his sister but others who will be diagnosed in the future.
We left the JR and had a mad rush to try and get down to Eastleigh as Sarah was working and Joe, Millie and I were all going to watch their first home game in the Conference Premier. Absolute nightmare trying to get out of Oxford with the local roadworks but after getting out of the city we managed to get to the ground just under an hour before kick off.
As it was Eastleigh’s big night (live on tv as well!) it was incredibly busy and Sarah was rushed off her feet throughout the night. We managed to watch the game (after Millie had her worst hypo yet…bloody typical!) and witnessed a great win with he last kick of the game!!
Oh yes, I ran my 3 miles before we set off to the hospital and to was not a bad pace!! 4 to go!!

Miles Today : 3
Miles Completed : 1227
Days Left : 4
Shoes : Nike Zoom Streak 4

Day 360 – Running out of steam

Nothing to report today. It’s nearly the end and I’m now looking forward to the break.
Days like today is when I could do without the challenge as I am running for the sake of it.
So anyway, slept a bit, ran 3 miles, went to work!
Last shift tonight though before going away so happy days!

Miles Today : 3
Miles Completed : 1224
Days Left : 5
Shoes : Nike Zoom Streak 4

Day 359 – Less than a week now!

I would apologise for the countdown but I can’t help myself now. I’m getting excited about nearing the end of the challenge and it’s now less than a week to go!
I had thought of possibly carrying on and seeing how long I could do (and Ste suggested at least until Jan 1st as that would be 500 days!) but I’m looking forward to having a rest!
I’d like to have another stab at my half marathon PB in October and then train properly for London next year. To do this I need to get some more quailty runs in with some proper training and running every day has become a habit and at times just mundane so I’m looking forward to rest days and then planning decent runs.
Decieded to pop over with Sarah and the kids to see my sister Hannah in Oxford for a bit. I thought it would be a good idea to tkae my running gear and do my 3 miles in a different venue whilst the others enjoyed a walk in Port Meadow. As I’d not long been up and as I was trying to get the kids into the car, I managed to forget to pack the most vital bit of kit….my bloody trainers!!
So after a shorter than planned walk, we rushed back through the traffic so I could run before work!The usual lack of sleep after nights meant I started off slowly and very lethargic but after a mile I wasn’t feeling too bad so gradually upped the pace and ended up running a pretty decent last mile! That was good as I managed to make it to work with a few minutes to spare!!

Miles Today : 3
Miles Completed : 1221
Days Left : 6
Shoes : Nike Zoom Streak 4

Day 358 – Into the last week!

After a pleasant weekend it was back to work. Well later on anyway!
Dreaded nights again so was going to have to squeeze a run in when Sarah got back from work and before my shift started.
Had a bit of a lie in this morning (cheers kids!) but that put me a bit behind with the odds and sods I had to get done today.
Sarah was running late and the traffic was bad getting home so I had to call upon my father-in-law Rod to come round and sit with the kids until Sarah got back. He came round half hour earlier as well so I could get my 3 miles done, cheers Rod!
Steady pace then quick change before heading off to work. Passed Sarah on the journey so quick wave to each other by way of a hello and see you later!!

Miles Today : 3
Miles Completed : 1218
Days Left : 7
Shoes : Nike Zoom Streak 4

Day 357 – Catch up

A day of catch ups today.
Firstly I caught up with a bit of sleep after night shifts and it was nice not to sleep on an air bed in the garage!
Got up and went over to registrations day for the boys footy and got all of our teams sorted for next season, happy days!
Grabbed a decent 3 miles at a decent pace before catching up with Liverpool’s last pre-season match and enjoyed a great 4-0 win!
We caught up with Sarah’s cousin (who was extremely hungover!!) and his family before heading off for a great afternoon/evening catch up with our very good friends Josie and Rob.
So a lovely day ended by a final catch up on my blogs!! Only 8 days to go now and more importantly only 8 blogs left to write!!

Miles Today : 3
Miles Completed : 1215
Days Left : 8
Shoes : Nike Zoom Streak 4

Day 356 – Another old git Chris!!

Had a 60th birthday party to go to tonight and it was for a good friend of mine Chris. Unfortunately Chris supports Man Utd but apart from that he is a decent bloke and a good friend!
I grabbed a few hours kip after work and pottered about a bit before getting my 3 miles in. Reasonable pace around usual route.
Not much else to report apart from good night at the party and days left on challenge down to single figures!!

Miles Today : 3
Miles Completed : 1212
Days Left : 9
Shoes : Nike Zoom Streak 4