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Day 8 Longest Stretch running since my 5 year old was born!

Went out late again, really peaceful and pretty this running at night thing.

Physically I feel better running at night than in the morning, probably bc I am more warmed up from the day – so to speak.  The only down-side is that running at night keeps me awake much later than I should be.

I have 2 young girls that need to get up early and I need to be into work by the horribly early hour of 8am! : (

Dogs seemed to lag a bit, they needed a lot of reminders to keep up with me-they are Jack Russells! They must be getting lazy from all of my down time : )

here are a couple of pixs from around my route.  First one-kind of creepy-freaks me out EVERY TIME I run over it. Second one Trees!  One of the best things about my neighborhood route are the trees that live along it

: )

photo 1 (2)photo 2(2)

Day: 7/365
Miles Today: 3.01 (my ‘usual neighborhood’ route)
Miles Completed: 20.94
Miles To Go: 1074.06 – See more at:

Day 8/357 to go!

Miles: 3.00/Total

Day: 7/365
Miles Today: 3.01 (my ‘usual neighborhood’ route)
Miles Completed: 20.94
Miles To Go: 1074.06 – See more at:

Miles Completed: 23.94















Day: 7/365
Miles Today: 3.01 (my ‘usual neighborhood’ route)
Miles Completed: 20.94
Miles To Go: 1074.06 – See more at:

Day 7: What a run!



Day: 7/365
Miles Today: 3.01 (my ‘usual neighborhood’ route)
Miles Completed: 20.94
Miles To Go: 1074.06

Another night run for me-actually the latest I have been on so far, but it was a great run! Perfect conditions, quiet neighborhoods (11:15 pm PDT) – excpet for one thing, I forgot to START my time, didn’t realize till about a mile in, hope i get a Pass from the team here, will put up what I have charted. Learning as I go, like I never have used a garmin before! Anyhow, missed my plan for an early AM during this morning so that  I could run under the Lunar Eclispe. I heard from James that not all of my images (maps) are showing up, if anyone else see this – plesae drop me a line, will help to trouble shoot what browser you are using…as well.



Day 6 – Hanging on to the posting part of the challenge!


Day: 6\365
Miles Today: 3.01
Miles Completed: 17.93
Miles To Go: 1077.07

Day 6 was again a night run…with my husband away on a business trip it’s more difficult to get everything done and post on time…

This evening’s run was the first time I had done Core Power Yoga and Running in a few years, doing a double dose of my favorite sports was great, but I had my fill!


Day 5-SundaySunday!

Day: 5\365
Miles Today: 3.00
Miles Completed: 14.92
Miles To Go: 1080.08 This evening we ran through our nighborhoods, lovely evening, dogs seem tired, but I don’t think I will let them off the running hook : ) I have a half marathon coming up in a little over a month, glad to be out there training even a bit! 20141005_part1_day520141005_part2_day5

Day 4 Saturday in the Park-Hotter than Heck!

photo 1 (1)photo 2 (1)20141004_day4_part_120140104_day4_part2

Saturday’s run was very hot! seemed to make the run go even slower! Glad to have it completed.

Day: 4/365
Miles Today: 3.01
Miles Completed: 11.91/1095
Miles To Go: 1083.89


Day 3- October 3rd

I have to admit the most difficult thing about the challenge so far (besides finding time to run, and then actually RUN) has been getting my new Suunto GPS watch thing-ie working, and getting the data saved, and the uploaded as a snapshot to my posts, will make sure I do a much better job of this in the future!

Friday 10/3/14: Was a late run, round my neighborhood with Dotty Marie and Zeus!

Miles Run – 3.03

Miles to Go – 1086




Day 2 Another Late Night Run

Day: 2
Miles Today: 2.86 (could not go any further on day 2)
Miles Completed: 5.86/1095
Miles To Go: 1089.14

Day 2 was Great! Till the end, had to cut it a wee-bit short.  Chalking it up to just starting, I forgot what a daily run actually means : )




Day 1 – October 1st – Here I (we!) Come!


Day:1/364 To go!
Miles Today: 3 miles!
Miles Completed: 3!
Miles To Go: 1092 to Go!

Hello Everyone: I took up the challenge!  Thank goodness I am a SW professional otherwise – not sure if I could figure out WordPress : )   –  I am sure I will have it worked out in a day or 2.   I have (which I am super excited about! a new Suunto watch thing/GPS etc, to help me track my progress)- will need to figure out how to get posted here.

About Me: I am a lapsed life-long runner (if that makes any sense!) and I am looking forward to having this forum to share my *New* Daily running escapades with!

I live and work in Santa Barbara and have decided that my dogs are happier if they go on a daily run as well – so they are in!

I am the  working mother/step mother of 6 children and strive to be all things to all beings including my need for almost daily yoga and more frequent runs, you will more than likely see my posts at odd times, but I am committed to the CHALLENGE!

My Day ONE Run was very pleasant! I love the meditative focus that comes with running (it’s just getting myself out the door!) I “think” that many of my runs will be night runs, so I purchased a miners light Thing-ie and an extra flashlight – which seem to make for a safe running at night through my neighborhoods.