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The Next Challenge

After finishing the 1095 Challenge in September I have been looking for another challenge, and I have now found one in the Blenheim Triathlon.

NOt a big deal to some, but for me it is as I hate swimming, and to be honest can’t really swim so 750m in open water is a big challenge.

IF you would like to join me on this voyage then I am blogging the experience at Three Times The Effort. Come take a look you never know you might like it!

Day 365 – They Think It’s All Over..It Is Now!

Well day 365, who would have thought that I would still be writing blog entries after this many days? I am not sure I did.

For me when I started this challenge I thought aim for 50 days, see how it goes, then another 50, you get the idea. To have now reached the final day is a little odd as I don’t feel a sense of achievement or jubilation at having finished. I am not trying to be modest or even big headed about finishing it is just that I currently can’t see what I have done the way others seem to be able to.

When you undertake a challenge like this you quite quickly realise it is more of a mind over body challenge, yes you need to stay healthy and as free of injury as possible but really you need to have the mental strength to want to do it. It is the mind that allows you to do something every day, when the weather is horrible and you really don’t want to go out your mind needs to have the strength to get you out and moving.

I have never really thought of myself as a runner, and I am certainly no super human athlete but I think you can become a runner. I now consider myself to be an accomplished runner, thanks to Andy for that title!

For anyone who undertakes this challenge you will learn about yourself, me, I learnt that my pain threshold is far far higher than I knew and also now no challenge holds a fear for me. If I decide I want to undertake something I now believe I can do it. I wasn’t lacking in self confidence before but I think this challenge has just given me evidence that I can do whatever I want to.

I was trying to think of my favourite run during the year, and I think it was one in February on a Saturday, the sun was shining the sky was blue and the snow was hard packed on the ground, I did 5 or 6 miles through the woods and trails and it was beautiful, yes walkers looked at me like I was nuts but I didn’t care I was having too much fun. I also really loved my week of running in Yorkshire, the scenery was stunning and routes were fun.

When I look back at the events of the year I am drawn to the deaths of two sportsmen, Marco Simoncelli and Gary Speed. These were from very different sports who died in completely different circumstances but both had an affect on me, Marco as he was so young and a brilliant talent. A man who made Moto GP exciting again. He is the reason all my blog posts are tagged with 58, his race number. Gary Speed was the same age as me and a player I always admired, but he had a dark place in his life which made him take his own life, I will never understand why but I certainly think the sport lost one of the good guys.

I have some people to thank for the last year, firstly James and Andy for allowing me the opportunity to have a go at the challenge, Radio 5 for broadcasting Andy’s interview else I would never have heard of the challenge!
To the boys I have run with over the last year, all our runs were a blast, particularly Joe and Roger who did plenty of runs with me and helped me when the going got tough. For my boy Sam, who I think thought I was mental to try this and his encouragement came in the form of “why are you doing it” and “you are mental”, but he did do a few runs with me. Last but by no means least to the wife, without her understanding I don’t think I could have got through it, she never once moaned when I suggested a slight change of plan so I could fit a run in or even that I probably became a running bore at times!

Finally here are the stats, I spent £499.18 on kit and event entries, I burnt 179,358 calories ran for 8 days 14 hours 14 minutes 23 seconds and did an average of 3.56 miles (5.73km), and had an elevation gain of 11,826m which is higher than Mount Everest which is only 8,848m high. If I had travelled the distance I ran I would have got to Naples in Italy!

The last question is what next? Well I have some ideas and I know from speaking to James and Andy they have some as well, but we will have to see, in the meantime I have a Sky Ride in a couple of weeks and the Reindeer 10k in November and I might slip a couple more events in as well.

I should really mention todays run, as I went back to Watford to run with the boys and it was fun to do a final 5km with them and then go and have some lunch in the pub.

I guess that is it from me, I want to wish all the best to the guys currently on the challenge and I hope I have shown you that it is possible to do it and I now look forward to future challenges.

Miles Today: 3.24 (5.21km)
Miles Completed: 1302.23 (2095.73km)
Miles To Go: -207.23 (-333.53km)
Shoes: Asics Torana


Today’s the day – the 1095miles club get its third completed member when Steve Morris does his final run later on. Having been there myself, I can attest for what a strange feeling it is… I remember being tempted to go out the next day and continue the streak but I’m glad I didn’t – I’d probably still be running two years later.

Andy and I had the chance to meet Steve last week for a drink – funny how we’ve all done the same challenge, had never met but had tonnes of talk about running to discuss. Who said it’s a lonely sport?

As Steve leaves today, so does our newest member Dominic Rees. Dom has decided that the blogging side of the challenge is not for him – as all those who’ve done it can attest, the daily blog is as much a slog as the runs at times, but being able to talk about the runs and proving you have done them by some form of GPS tracking is important to the challenge. When Andy and I did 1095miles, we both had people variously doubting the veracity of the challenge even with the GPS proof – imagine if we didn’t have it.

Dom has decided to continue running on his own and leave the blog – it’s a shame but we wish him well. To Amanda, Aoife, Ben and David (and hopefully soon to a new member Paul Wray), all I can say is keep on running. You’re all doing an amazing job and myself, Andy and Steve all look forward to welcoming you as fellow members of the 1095 miles club when you complete the challenge.


Day 364 – One More For The Road

So this was the penultimate run, only one more to go, and I don’t know how I feel really. I don’t feel ready to stop yet, but part of me wants to, a real case of mixed feelings.

The whole running everyday has become a process and I think I want my running to become something I do because I want to not because I have to, we will see.

For tonights run I just did the usual lap round the village, not to fast. I had the jacket and long bottoms on again, more to ensure I didn’t pull any cold muscles.

I am looking forward to tomorrow, going to be out running with the boys I used to run with before I moved job.

Miles Today: 3.12 (5.02km)
Miles Completed: 1298.99 (2090.52km)
Miles To Go: -203.99 (-328.32km)
Shoes: Saucony Omni Grid 10

Day 363 – It’s Cold (and dark)

The Saloman jacket and the long Ron Hill bottoms were out tonight as it was cold, in fact it was colder than I thought. I am sure this time last year hen I started out it was warm and sunny, not cold like this.

The run tonight was slow due to the cold and dark, plus I didn’t take my head torch so it was a case of running in the dark and being careful not to trip over!

I have only two days left of this challenge, and yet I am still not counting my chickens as you just never know what might happen.

One more small milestone today, I went over 200 extra miles for the challenge, an achievement of sorts as in reality it means I have run 200 more miles than I needed to!

Miles Today: 3.15 (5.07km)
Miles Completed: 1295.87 (2085.5km)
Miles To Go: -200.87 (-323.3km)
Shoes: Saucony Omni Grid 10

Day 362 – The Head Torch Is Back!

Due to a team lunch and Watford being at home this evening I did my run this morning, when I say this morning I should say early this morning, in fact it was 5:43 when I went out.

There are a couple points I should make about this morning, firstly it was dark, so dark in fact I got my head torch out and the hi-viz vest and secondly it was cold, much colder than I thought so I was glad of the long sleeved t-shirt but the shorts might have been a bad idea!

So other than the dark and the cold the run was basically a slow run round the village, slow due to the dark and cold and I was half asleep.

Tomorrow I am aiming for an easy evening run, let’s hope the plan works out!

Miles today: 3.12 (5.02km)
Miles Completed: 1292.72 (2080.43km)
Miles To Go: -197.72 (-318.23km)
Shoes: Saucony Omni Grid 10

Day 361 – Hello Darkness My Old Friend

I have to admit to not putting much effort in tonight, and that is reflected in the pace. I am not bothered I just felt like trotting round slowly and did.

It’s finn though that as the darkness draws in the pace of the evening runs gets slower, I know that when it gets dark you take a bit more care but I always thought it was a conscious decision not a sub-conscious one.

Tomorrow I am left with no choice but to do a really early morning run due to a team lunch and Watford being at home in the evening, hopefully it won’t be raining or too cold, but I have to say I’m not really looking forward to it.

Miles Today: 3.13 (5.04km)
Miles Completed: 1289.60 (2075.41km)
Miles To Go: -194.60 (-313.21km)
Shoes: Saucony Omni Grid 10

Day 360 – Where Is Everyone?

The last Sunday run of this challenge, and so it seemed only fitting to go out onto the trails and put in a few miles. Now, I know I said I might do 5 miles today, but once I got out and going I just decided to see how I felt, and whilst this was by no way the fastest off road run I have done, it just felt good.

I am going to repeat myself for the umpteenth time, but off road running is my favourite running, yeah it might be a bit slower and also slightly harder but it is just so much more interesting. You can’t beat running in changing scenery, where the ground under your feet changes by the metre and you can go across fields, woods and various other landscapes, brilliant.

My route today is basically a joining up of a couple of my favourite routes, and it’s good because there is only a couple of very short road sections that join up the trails, and also because it has a variety of landscapes to go across.

Normally on a Sunday morning there are quite a few people out and about walking around, yet today I only saw 4 people, no idea where they are all and to be honest it didn’t matter as it was like having the entire area to myself.

I have 5 days to go, but I am by no means counting my chickens yet, as you just don’t know what might happen.

Miles Today: 6.47 (10.41km)
Miles Completed: 1286.47 (2070.37km)
Miles To Go: -191.47 (-308.17km)
Shoes: Saloman XA Pro 3D Ultra 2

Day 359 – Sunny Running In The Woods

It was another sunny morning today and I went for a gentle off-road run with the wife, these runs give me a perfect opportunity to do the run at a slow pace which enables me to recover.

Yesterday I did a faster run and then went climbing in the evening and so a gentle run today was great.

The route we did was one I have done a few times and is a good one, and it was th least muddy it has been for ages, shame it wasn’t like that all summer long really.

In my search to get to 1300 miles I need to do 20 miles in 6 days, thats 3.33 miles per day or for the metric ones amongst us it’s 5.36km. Now, I am wondering whether I should do a longer run tomorrow of 5 miles and that would leave me only 15 miles in 5 days and so would I would be sure to do it, I will see!

Miles Today: 3.50 (5.64km)
Miles Completed: 1280.00 (2059.96km)
Miles To Go: -185.00 (-297.76km)
Shoes: Saloman XA Pro 3D Ultra 2

Day 358 – 7 More To Go

Today I did my first run in Hammersmith, and I managed to find a new running buddy to go with it.

I was joined today by Mr Ian Oldham, a rare treat I am told as he normally only runs a treadmill, well today he graduated to outside.

As I hadn’t planned a route I decided the best thing to do was to head down to the river, and then run alongside it for a while and then turn round and head back the way we came.

There were two noticeable things on the run today, firstly how rough and fast flowing the Thames was and secondly how many pubs there were on the route. It was a decent route and one I might do again a some point.

I now only have 7 more runs to do, and I am now checking my diary to see when to fit them in, currently Tuesday is looking dodgy, but I will find a way round it.

Miles Today: 3.39 (5.45km)
Miles Completed: 1276.50 (2054.32km)
Miles To Go: -181.50 (-292.12km)
Shoes: Saucony Omni Pro Grid 10