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Day 355: The Sun is out

The sun is coming out and summer is arriving making the evening runs a bit brighter. Trying to mix up the runs a bit and took a few extra twists and turns, I recon I must have covered every bit of pavement within a 3 mile radius of my house. 10 more runs to go!


Day 355
Miles 3.08
Miles so far 1199.38
Miles to go -104.38
Trainers Nike Countdown

Day 354: Lunch meetings

Don’t you just hate meetings over lunch, especially when you haven’t read the invite properly and not noticed that lunch would be provided and quickly scoff a plain old baked potato and give yourself indigestion and then turn up for the meeting and there is lovey buffet food.

Run this evening was alright – general niggles etc. seem to be holding up alright.


Day 354
Miles 3.17
Miles so far 1196.3
Miles to go -101.3
Trainers Nike Buffets

Day 353: Long day in the office

As the title says, long day in the office. Went out for a late run and did a half decent pace for once.


Day 353
Miles 3.01
Miles so far 1193.13
Miles to go -98.13
Trainers Nike Laters

Day 352: Going swimmingly

Took the kids over to Bedford swimming pool today. A friend of mine told me it had a wave machine, chutes etc, which it did. What a relief. Would have been a bit crap if we had driven all the way there and it was just a paddling pool with a couple of manky plasters floating in it.

On the way back we stopped off at a country pub for a lovely lunch…… and pudding. Ran an extra half mile this evening just in case.

Day 352
Miles 3.53
Miles so far 1190.12
Miles to go -95.12
Trainers Nike Splashers

Day 351: Park Run

First Park Run for a while, having injuries and just getting through the runs at whatever pace I fancy for the last month or so definitely showed today. Did 20:50 and it was a struggle….. Still, only 2 weeks to go.


Day 351
Miles 3.12
Miles so far 1186.59
Miles to go -91.59
Trainers Nike Fortnights

Day 350: 350 Days!

Still tired today, fortunately it was someone’s birthday in the office so I was able to eat cakes all day to get through it.

The sugar was still helping by the evening and was able to run one of my few runs at a half decent pace, they are definitely becoming less frequent as the challenge nears an end. Just getting through it is the only thing on my mind nowadays. The good news is that 350 days is nice round number and just over two weeks to go.


Day 350
Miles 3.38
Miles so far 1183.47
Miles to go -88.47
Trainers Nike Sugar Rush

Day 349: Going to work for a rest

SO the big news is that Kate loves the front room. The bad news is she woke me up when she got back at 4.30 am. It was good to get back to work for a bit of a rest to be honest.


Day 349
Miles 3.04
Miles so far 1180.09
Miles to go -85.09
Trainers Nike Resters

Day 348: TFFT

Last day of decorating before Kate came home. Was cracking on with glossing when Russell offered to take all the kids down the park with him and his lot, what a legend. I finished off the room, started to tidy up and went for my run. That was a tough one, utterly exhausted. When he dropped the kids off Russell then helped me get all the heavy stuff back in the room, double legend. Then Troy came round later and helped move the rest of the stuff in and tidy up. Between those two and Tony they’ve been a real God send sorting out the room, especially when they have had their own kids to sort out (did I mention that all their wives were also on this holiday?).

Turns out their flights have been delayed and they won’t get back till 4:30am. That’ll learn ’em, going off and galavanting in Portugal.



Miles 3.04
Miles so far 1177.05
Miles to go -82.05
Trainers Nike Finishers

Day 347: Superstar

Russell came to help today and arrived nice and early. Painting, putting up picture rail, painting the dresser and sanding the floorboards took us all to 930 at night. It was quite good because all the kids just played together while we cracked on. And in between I got my run in and on the way back stopped off to get Chinese. I ended up varnishing the floor at 10:30, pooped!


Day 347
Miles 3.06
Miles so far 1174.91
Miles to go -79.01
Trainers Nike Workers

Day 346: My Saviour

Tony the builder came round today and plastered the wall, what a star on the bank holiday. My mate Tony also came round and helped with the painting. Another long day another load of work. Tony came round a bit later and held the fort while I went for my run.


Day 346
Miles 3.41
Miles so far 1170.95
Miles to go -75.95
Trainers Nike Helpers