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Day 298: Running is cool except when its warm!!

I love this weather at the moment, warm balmy and just like being abroad!! Although running in it isn’t that great for a sweaty bloke. I get to about a mile in and feel the trickle start and no sweatband, bandana or hat will stop it, it starts as a trickle and ends up like a running tap.

I ran up a similar run to yesterday and took a different path at the 4 way junction and this time managed not to get lost, high five me!! I love running new routes even if I do get lost and the summer allows me to do this, the winter can be quite depressing as you have to run where light allows now I can run up to 10pm and its still light so lots of new routes until I finish in 67 days time!!

Miles today:3
Miles completed:966
Miles to go:129

Day 182: 12 years i’m a saint!!

Today I proudly announce 12 years of marriage to THE most amazing woman I have met, seriously I can’t think of many reasons why she is with me, aprt from my devastating good looks, charm, charisma and my massive….belly. I met Sharon many years before we got together as she joined my parents company about 20 odd years ago and we always got on really well, infact the day she started we were on a course and I took her to the pub and we got drunk together, I was sacked by my Dad shortly afterwards(not because of taking a new member of staff on the piss!!) and I embarked on my career in construction. Sharon and I saw each other on regular basis as my parents would hold courses at their house and Sharon and all the other staff would be there, we always had a good giggle together but she was with someone and I was usually with someone, I say usually as I couldn’t keep a relationship for long as I was a bit mental and unstable back then and not a lot has changed!

About 14 years ago Sharon split up with her partner and was on a course at our house and I had recently moved back in but my Mum had kicked me out and seconded my bedroom for staff accommodation but I knew Sharon was going to be there so I popped in to “collect” something we chatted exchanged numbers and let the serious flirting commence!! They went out for a meal and I went to the pub but returned home after a few texts with Sharon to meet her and that was that 12 years of marriage 14 years together 2 houses, 3 kids some fantastic memories and many more to come I hope. She has turned into a great mother fiercely defensive of her brood and woe betide anyone who crosses the line with me or the kids, she is funny, kind and beautiful in equal measure and way out of my league but then again I have wealthy parents……

We have had a great marriage its had its ups and downs as all relationships do but we are stronger for it and will continue to be for a long time!

Miles today: 4
Miles completed:606
Miles to go:492
Shoes: Saucony Omni 12

Day 180: Love is…. running on Valentines day!!

So this is my 14th Valentines day with my beloved amazingly patient my wife! I went to work this morning and the conversation got around to what we had got our wives/girlfriends and taking a straw poll I was without doubt the most romantic bloke in my office but based on the straw poll the whole world!! Both the other managers had done nothing no cards/flowers etc

This is where I may cop some flack, Men think differently to women and in the majority of cases (obviously not mine as I’m officially the most romantic man in the world!!) Men are just buying to keep the wife/girlfriend happy as they know if they forget they are going to get some serious grief!! This week is a tricky one for me Poppy’s birthday on the 12th Valentines day and then my wedding anniversary on the 16th!! We had a lovely evening with a Waitrose meal by Heston (and no we didn’t get the Norovirus!!) which was pretty good and well worth £20!!!

Ran early and had a shower and then put on a nice shirt and jeans for dinner did my hair and prepared dinner while Sharon had a bath she then arrived downstairs for dinner in a onesie who said romance is dead!!

Miles today:3
Miles completed:599
Miles to go:496
Shoes: Saucony Omni 12

Day 179: A pain free run I must be dreaming!!

My calf felt good today a few little twinges but I gave it a good self massage yesterday and continued to pop anti inflammatories regularly and it feels better!! So I set off not too quick but at a reasonable trundle and if I felt it tighten I would ease back until it felt ok and then go back to a reasonable pace, I actually enjoyed my run for the first time in about 3 weeks but I guess we will have to wait until tomorrow to see if it is getting better!

I received some news today which I am not going to go into detail about but it wasn’t good lets put it that way!! It made me take a bit of stock of my life and not worry about trivial matters as there is someone out there that things aren’t going great for so I have decided not to worry about little trivial matters. So if anyone out there doesn’t like me or what I say get this bit of information into your head I DONT CARE I am what I am and your opinion of me or what I say and do isn’t at all relevant, I am not worried about money or possessions I just want want happiness and love in my life!! I want to help people, I want others know that I care and will no longer be bothered by peoples attitude about me!!!

Boom point made!! I just noticed I have gone under 500 miles to go still got to run for another 186 days so mileage irrelevant!!

Miles today: 3
Miles completed: 596
Miles to go: 499
Shoes: Saucony Omni 12

Day 178: My princess is 6 and without doubt the best!!!

Poppy is 6 today and what a treasure she is. I had always wanted a little girl but after having 3 boys the chances were slim unlike me at the time!! So I decided to read a book about how to have a little girl!! imaginatively called “how to choose the sex of your baby” or from my perspective how to fleece gullable parents out of there hard earned cash!! For those of you that know me I am a confident outgoing fool who likes a drink and likes a smoke and doesn’t eat all that healthily( I believe that veg will be proved to be a mind control drug and that by eating it you become odd!!) so whilst reading this book and tutting away to myself and raising my eyelids and laughing at the suggestion of not drinking or smoking and eating veg I decided to give it a go!!

I gave up fags cut right down on my alcohol intake and ate mind control food!! When Sharon fell pregnant after a couple of months we went to the baby show in London and got a rather good deal on a 3d scan and decided to find out the sex of the baby then!! So just after 20 weeks we went with mother in laws to see the scan and we were told it was all girl!! I haven’t stopped smiling since she is everything a Dad could want in a little girl and has a wonderfully infectious personality even if a little bossy at times but that’s her mother in her!!

She turned 6 and is growing up fast, she is a clever bright girl who won’t take any crap from anybody and that’s the North way and if you don’t like us we don’t actually care because we are what we are and that my friends is brilliant!! I’ve got a t shirt to prove it!

Miles today:3
Miles completed: 593
Miles to go: 502
Shoes: Saucony Omni 12

Day 177:is it time?

Today my frustration is overwhelming my leg felt fine yesterday and all day, but as soon as I went for a run it was hugely painful so I hobbled around my 3 miles then came home gave myself a massage and iced my calf!! It was really painful so I decided that I am going to give it one more week and if its no better then I will be forced to knock this on the head!!!

I have learnt over the years to stop being overly competitive about things, now don’t get me wrong I love to win but in life there will always be people that are better than you, more intelligent than you, better parents, wealthier etc etc so why compete why try and be better than them because thats what will make you miserable, by all means compete but allow yourself to understand that people are better than you and in a lot of cases massively superior to you in every way just accept it and move on. These are my own views and it makes me laugh when people can’t except that people are better than them, its time to grow up when you get to this point!!!

My point is that if I have to give up I will be gutted but this isn’t a competition it a challenge and a tough one if my body isn’t able to cope then thats my body not my mind I have done something that I never believed I would start let alone get to 6 months(well just short!!) but I will give it 7 more days!!

Miles today: 3
Miles completed: 590
Miles to go: 505
Shoes: Saucony Omni 12

Day 176: I am an Idiot and so are the appliance company!!!

I was right I would pay for it woke up in searing pain and really struggled to walk but loosened my calf and things got a little better as the day went on I must write line to remind myself to run slow!

I must run slower I must run slower I must run slower!

Anyway the best thing was that the washing machine turned up but the delivery guys knew nothing about fitting it but I protected them from the Rottweiler that was like a coiled spring in the other room I am good like that but the man from the appliance company I couldn’t save, and the storm broke on this man!!

I fitted the washing machine and did a good job once Rod had lent me the tools for the job!! Warmed up and the calf felt loose so I ran quicker all I can say is how stupid am I!!

Miles today:3
Miles completed:587
miles to go:508
Shoes: Saucony Omni 12

Day 175: Sunday and trouble for the appliance company!!

We had our washing machine delivered yesterday and Sharon asked me to unpack it while she had a shower, so I started to unpack it and very quickly realised that it was the wrong one they had sent us a top of the range, 12kg drum, steam cleaning, supermachine but in white now my beloved is a stickler for things some would say almost OCD about things so I shouted upstairs that it was wrong and she responded(knowing I like a good wind up!!) with very funny just get it fitted. Her tone soon changed when she realised that I wasn’t joking and then she phoned the appliance company…poor fools didn’t know what had hit them but they said we could keep that machine but it was too deep and would have sat out from the worktop by 40/50mm and Sharon wanted black!! They decided to arrange delivery for the next morning and that turned out to be the afternoon which we couldn’t do as we were going to my Mum and Dad’s so another irate but polite phone call to the customer service department who arranged for delivery and installation on Monday!! They better get it right or I fear for the poor chap at the end of the phone as Sharon is ruthless and I know from first hand experience a lot!

I ran this morning and was a bit pushed for time as we had to travel to my Mum and Dad’s for lunch so warmed up and set off the calf felt free of pain and stiffness so managed a reasonable pace all the time telling my self that I would pay for it tomorrow!!

Miles today: 3
Miles completed:584
Miles to go:511
Shoes: Saucony Omni 12

Day 174: I’m a lumberjack and I’m ok!!

I had promised my good friend Dave that I would help him today chop wood for his log burner after football. Football was off so I had a little lie in then went for a run the calf felt tight so took it easy for the first mile and as I turned a corner away in the distance I saw another runner it was John Newton on his way back from his run and he decided to join me for a couple of miles as he is training for the Liverpool marathon in May and needed to do 5 miles but was having a bit of a CBA moment but when he saw me he though he would tag along. I do enjoy running with other people and find it a bit more motivational when I do, we nattered on the way round and my pace naturally increased to about 9 min miles from 9.30 and didn’t think about my calf muscle!! I returned home and John continued around the block to complete his five miles cheers for the run bro!!

I showered and headed over to Dave’s to chop logs at Dave and Tracey small holding and had a really enjoyable afternoon swinging an axe and using proper boys toys in a chainsaw, although we did manage to break 2 axes and the chainsaw during the process!! I really enjoyed my afternoon upper body workout and successfully avoided hitting the logs into my shins but Dave managed it twice!!! The kids were at parties during the day so I managed to get back to watch England V Scotland and a great win on a terrible pitch if the scottish RFU can’t sort the pitch out the it should be played elsewhere!! Wales lost, actually got stuffed in every aspect and Mike Phillips then made himself look like a complete tool at the end(he is a tool anyway!) and then threatened a member of one direction to compound his churlish behaviour grow up you stupid man you are a role model!!

Miles today:3
Miles completed:581
Miles to go:514
Shoes: Saucony Omni 12

Day 173: Friday cross fit!

A really busy day at work today which thankfully finished on time, so it was home to order a new washing machine as ours packed up last week and my running kit stinks so we needed a new one!! I wanted to run early as we had a team cross fit session booked for the under 11’s at 19.30 at the local cross fit gym. I am really struggling with my calf muscle at the moment as one day it feels ok (well a little better!) and the next I can hardly run without severe pain and tonight was a painful run I’m not sure really how much more I can take!!

We arrived at the crossfit gym at 19.30 to be met by Phil who took control of the boys immediately and settled them into what they would be doing. I was really impressed with his coaching and the team really seemed to listen to him and we have received really good feedback from the parents about how much they all enjoyed the session so for anyone who wants to get fit in an interesting way then please see the following link. I would recommend this place highly for those who want to get fit!!!


On behalf of the team thanks Phil they really enjoyed it!

Miles today:3
Miles completed:578
Miles to go:517
Shoes: Saucony Omni 12