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Day 74

Totally recovered from my sickness bug, all i need to do is shake of the problem with my hamstring and i can get back to enjoying this challenge. The run was fine today first run that was not a chore for a few days .
miles today 3.01
miles completed 231.93
miles to go 866
shoes nike lunarglide
ipod Bon iver – for emma forever ago

Day 69

Went for a sunday morning run today it was chucking it down very refreshing, just what i needed after a late night watching mrs browns boys , very funny by the way.
miles today 3.27
miles completed 216.50
miles to go 881
shoes nike lunarglide

Day 47

Nice lie in today ,went for my run at 9.00am ,picked the pace up abit today and felt it especially in 90 degrees,a lazy day around the pool and some shopping is the order for the day really looking forward to taking a day off the parks.
Miles today 3.00
Miles completed 149.53
Miles to go 948
Shoes Nike lunarglide

Day 31

Well that’s another milestone achieved my first month completed, only 11 more to go. The run went well tonight , probably my quickest 3 miler I have done since the challenge started, so I must be getting fitter.
Miles today 3.22
Miles completed 97.40
Miles to go 1002
Shoes Nike lunar glide

Day 25

Dropped my daughter off at dance school in Fleetwood , rather than go home i did my run around Fleetwood which was a nice change , on this challenge you have to change your course otherwise it becomes mundane. Felt good today , then went to the gym for 1 hour.
Miles today 3.10
Miles completed 78.27
Miles to go 1020
Shoes Nike

DAY 19

I decided to vary the pace today to make it more interesting and to try and get fitter/faster, i warmed up with the first mile then increased the pace for 1 mile and for the 3rd mile i dropped the pace down again , i really enjoyed todays run because i had to think about it also i enjoyed pushing the pace along , i will continue adding this type of run into the years schedule.
Miles today 3.13
Miles completed 59.25
Miles to go 1033.45
Shoes Nike lunarglide

DAY 18

Dropped my daughter of at her dance lesson and had to hang around for 1hr so decided to do my run then around a town called Fleetwood , a fishing port, as you are running along you can smell fish lovely . I have decided running 3 miles everyday for a year will be boring unless i alter routes and pace , so i have decided i am going to do alot of interval training while im out on my run , hopefully improving my 3 mile time strating tomorrow.

Miles done : 3.01
Miles completed : 56.12
Miles to go :1038.68
Shoes Nike lunarglide

Day 16

Went for my bowel xray today , i had to wait 2hrs because the machine had broke, i thought they were going to send me home which i was dreading because i would have to go through the 24 hr liquid diet and the laxative treatment again NOT pleasent, but thankfully the electrician fixed the xray machine so it was not in vein , very uncomfortable but needed doing. Did not feel like going for a run after but needs must, i decided to run along the promenade with a nice sea breeze , although the weather was dull the run was ok considering .
Miles today : 3.00
Miles completed : 50.10
Miles to go : 1044.90
Shoes : Nike lunarglide

Day 15

Been a struggle today , on a liquid diet due to xray of the bowel tomorrow , so feeling very peckish , i was a bit lethargic on the run today , dreading first thing in the morning when i have to do my run , thankfully the xray is at 9.15 am so i can stuff myself about 10ish. Going to bed now so i do not have to think about food good night.
Miles today :3.01
Miles completed :47.10
Miles to go : 1047.90
Shoes : Nike lunarglide

Day 13

Well that was some drinking session, started drinking at 9.30 am and finished the next morning at 01.30 am , spent most of the day drinking at Covent garden and Soho then finished of at the hotel bar. Did not sleep very well due to my pal waking me up on his customary sleepwalk, off he went down the corridors in just his underpants , smallest pair i have ever seen in my life (scary), thankfully he did not come across anyone , when asked what he was doing he said he was closing down a room , he is a gasman, i suppose he had been dreaming about his job. I went on my run at 7.20 am around Euston started the run feeling awful but by the end i felt suprisingly good, going to watch the cricket at 10.00am and straight back on the drink oh dear !!
Miles today: 3.14
Miles completed : 40.91
Miles to go 1054.09
Shoes : Nike lunarglide