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Day 186 -203

Apologies for not blogging but i find it a big struggle i promise i will try and improve . The running is going ok its a case of putting up with the weather and hopefully soon the nice weather or milder weather will be on its way.
miles today 3.00
miles completed 788.75
miles to go 475
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ipod – various

Day 81

Picked up the pace slightly today , sometimes a feel like pushing it others i just like to go for a run at a nice comfortable pace.
miles today 3.14
miles completed 243.55
miles to go 845
shoes nike lunarglide
ipod mumford and sons


Today’s the day – the 1095miles club get its third completed member when Steve Morris does his final run later on. Having been there myself, I can attest for what a strange feeling it is… I remember being tempted to go out the next day and continue the streak but I’m glad I didn’t – I’d probably still be running two years later.

Andy and I had the chance to meet Steve last week for a drink – funny how we’ve all done the same challenge, had never met but had tonnes of talk about running to discuss. Who said it’s a lonely sport?

As Steve leaves today, so does our newest member Dominic Rees. Dom has decided that the blogging side of the challenge is not for him – as all those who’ve done it can attest, the daily blog is as much a slog as the runs at times, but being able to talk about the runs and proving you have done them by some form of GPS tracking is important to the challenge. When Andy and I did 1095miles, we both had people variously doubting the veracity of the challenge even with the GPS proof – imagine if we didn’t have it.

Dom has decided to continue running on his own and leave the blog – it’s a shame but we wish him well. To Amanda, Aoife, Ben and David (and hopefully soon to a new member Paul Wray), all I can say is keep on running. You’re all doing an amazing job and myself, Andy and Steve all look forward to welcoming you as fellow members of the 1095 miles club when you complete the challenge.


Day 44 – Happy birthday to you…

…happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Damian, happy birthday to you.

There. I feel less self indulgent and more like I’ve made sure I don’t forget my own, and my running buddy’s birthday this time round. You’re another year older, and arguably another year wiser Damian 😉

This morning was a tough run. I was a bit worse for wear after last night’s drinks and felt it this morning. There was an element of being a bit sluggish initially and then I got going. I think I was still mildly intoxicated if I’m honest! Since I’ve started running so often, my capacity to drink has gone through the floor and the morning after is a struggle.

Despite a slow start, the run was reasonable time wise. Then I spent a while on the tube (strikes!) and finally arrived at work about a quarter to ten. Tomorrow I need to get a quick three miler in, early, I have to be in town for 08:45. Thankfully the tube strike will be over and I won’t be spending ages waiting on platforms like today. I’m off up north for a wedding on Friday too, so don’t be surprised by an unreliable blogging service and a couple of random runs in random places.

The recruitment of runners for the Tuesday run continues in earnest. Our recent recipe contributor has been clocking up a few miles recently and there are another couple of people I’ve spoken to who may be persuaded to join us. Fingers crossed, we may hit double figures on a regular basis soon.

That’s all for today folks,


Miles today: 3.07
Target: 132
Miles to date: 139.55

Day 13 – Indecision leads to circular running routes and meeting Jason Cook

Today, fully aware of the insane rain predicted for the whole day I decided to get out in the morning if the rain wasn’t too bad. I got the three miles done but decided a different direction was required. So, after a few moments of careful deliberation and then some struggling to decide, I randomly turned left after about a mile. It didn’t go well. Some months ago, in the latter weeks of my marathon training I did this and got lost in an estate which seemed only to lead into itself. I couldn’t get out again! Today’s random left turn was more of the same and you’ll notice a little loop to nowhere included in the route. Ah well, more local knowledge if nothing else eh!

Last night Elaine and I went to the Soho Theatre to see a guy called Jason Cook. Jason is a Geordie comic, and a very good one at that. He’s been touring his show “The End (Part 1)” and I happened to see it mentioned in the Metro on Friday. Elaine and I have seen Jason before, with considerably longer hair, in Manchester at XS Malarkey (I really recommend it for those of you in Manchester) and he was really good. His story of a life affirming experience truly is a riot, he’s superb at getting the crowd involved (whether they want to or not) and delivers some great personal experiences in a thoroughly entertaining fashion. Without giving the game away on his latest set piece, I felt the need to meet him after the gig to mention the blog and the challenge, hoping he’d join me/us for 3 miles somewhere along the way. He sounded very interested, go see the show and you’ll understand why! Fingers crossed.

Until tomorrow…


Miles today: 3.00
Target: 39
Miles to date: 40.28
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Day 7 – Ouch!

Those pesky ankles aren’t happy. We’re a week in (hooray) but a week into sore ankles. Time for a chat with a certain PT I happen to know…

It’s a Monday therefore dragging yourself out of bed, especially when it’s so cold, is true torture. Made a minor adjustment to the route, in light of the struggling ankles, to avoid the main hill. I’ve discovered that if I squat down, knees bent, it hurts as it’s stretching the inside ankle bits. Maybe I should do that a bit more and get em into shape.

I’ve been running for a year now, but my short run every couple of days or so has always been about 2 miles, never very much more. The jump to 3 and daily has been a big one. I’m looking forward to another Tuesday group run, it’s nice to see a few familiar faces (and would be equally good to see any new ones) but most of all I’m looking forward to giving it 36 hours before the next run. Give the ankles time to calm down and me some time to stretch the painful regions. I prescribe some desk based rest for the day!

Enjoy yours…


Miles today: 3.00
Target: 21
Miles to date: 21.62
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Day 4 – We’re into double figures…

That’s right, my first achievement, making it to double figures today! A whole 1% and a bit down, another 1083 miles left.

Today was a tough one. The legs are realising the punishment is daily and the ankles are crying for mercy.

I shouldn’t have let Rich convince me to have that final beer last night.

Running early gives you the opportunity to get a good half hour plotting the blog. Sadly all the interesting ideas I have were lost in the shower and consequently today will be brief.

I’m looking forward to beginning the Tuesday night 1095 plodders next week and getting out for a run with some interesting people. Put it in your diary boys and girls and we’ll see you there.

Anyone know where I can buy a copy of the Harrow Times? I’m supposed to be in it, but I don’t know where to get one!

Have a great day, it’s the end of the working week and the weekend is here!


Miles today: 3.05
Target: 12
Miles to date: 12.60
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Day 3 – £18k, Harrow on the Hill and a hacking cough

My Garmin is back! Thanks Mr Garmin repair man. For some reason it now takes about half a second to sync, whereas before it would take a minute. Weird.

Yesterday, I didn’t mention it, but at times, the body felt very heavy and I felt like I was struggling along. Today the body felt heavier than ever. You’ll notice I haven’t made and reference to my perfomance in my 3 mile runs thus far. I don’t intend to. I’m trying to ease myself into the running every day concept as slowly as possible. Stupidly, I decided to include Harrow on the Hill in today’s run. It’s one hell of a hill. It’s also a weird place that I have run through probably fifty times over the last year. It still entertains me that it’s always like a little oasis of calm and security, atop a big mound of grass. The school (repeat after me, in a moderately Orwellian tone, “The School”) own the lot, lock stock and barrel as far as I can see. Sprawling cricket pitches and sports fields. Elegant buildings and houses. As my late Grandmother would have said, “How the other half live, eh!”

Speaking of the locals, to the several people who passed me in the street today, post run; I didn’t die, despite the hacking cough indicating a fatality was imminent. And the guy with the dog in the park, it did rain, a bit. Thanks for the weather forecast! I managed the two miles further…

There’s been some media attention (my local rag Harrow Times linky) and as I know you’re all observant and switched on readers, you’ll notice the rather large error in the headline…

That’s right, they’ve increased my target by a not insubstantial £16,200! Now, *comments below if you please*, should we bite the bullet and make it a crazy target? Damian, you in? How would we go about raising such an insane amount of money? I know that Sense could do with it and it would send ten people on Sense Holidays next summer instead of just the one, but… …eighteen grand! We’d have to be mad!

Anyway, enjoy your day peeps and try and convince me that we should let a typo change the challenge!


Miles today: 3.16
Target: 9
Miles to date: 9.55
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Oh no, 10 days left of life before 1095miles.com…

I write from my hidey hole in the back room of the flat. Nursing two achey knees. The pre-1095miles anxiety has well and truly set in. And I’m concerned. No, scared. What seemed like a good idea some weeks ago is finally, and at great speed, approaching reality!

I spoke to a lovely guy called Martin today (from www.timetorun.co.uk) about some 1095miles.com running shirts I’ve ordered. He told me he’d seen lots of crazy challenges over the time he’s been kitting people out in their finest challenge advertising clothing. Martin mentioned the 7 marathons in 7 days and other truly insane challenges that are, in his view, nigh on impossible. It was nice to hear him say that the 1095miles.com challenge was, in his words ”achievable”. “It’s a massive personal commitment, but at least it’s an achievable target” he said. Thanks Martin…

Nice to hear. Achieveable, yes. Daunting? Without doubt! So here it is, I’m going to run *at least* 3 miles every day, for a year. There, I said it. To the world. I’m in and there’s no getting out now.

In an attempt to make myself feel better about the situation, I checked my trusty (not so trusty at present but more on that at some later date!) Garmin 305 to see what I have achieved in my first year of running. 450 miles. Ah. Nowhere near then! It’s been an incredibly long year of running for me with many a set back and a few injuries to contend with. I’ve seen more physio’s than you would believe and have, in great detail, had medical explanations of why I’m not really a runner physically. As I hope you’ll understand, the next year is going to be a challenge in many ways.

So why? Well, those of you who know me already will be aware I’ve been working with a charity called Sense for some years now, leading holidays for deafblind people. The prospect of coping with the loss of my sight or hearing is enough for me to decide that to put myself out for an hour a day to raise a few quid and make sure a few more people hear about what Sense do is a small gesture in support of their work, and one (that Martin says) I can achieve.

Enough of the reasons why I’m personally taking it on and back to the man of the moment, James. I met james a few months back now and he’s a really great bloke. I had been following his blog for many months prior to this as it was a great motivator. There’s a sense that you’re not the only non-runner trying to run and finding it hard work. I think James has made the transition to being a true runner and athlete through the months of dedication and I am in awe of his achievement. He still claims to not be a runner but I think we should all congratulate him on a superb achievement and one which has driven me to keep running and to accept the baton in just a few days time.

I hope you will enjoy following my challenge over the coming months. James will continue to blog regularly too, though I believe he wants a break from running daily for some reason 😉 There is a third blogger joining us too, Damian but I shall leave the honour to him to introduce himself. I also hope you will be able to (geographical location permitting) join one of us for a few miles. I have 365 possible dates available in my diary, it’d be great to have some new people to run with. We’ve also had this crazy plan to try and get the “1095miles.com plodders” off the ground too. If you’re London based and available on a Wednesday evening, come and join us for a few gentle and not at all competitive miles.

Anyway, here’s to (hopefully) another great year for 1095miles.com and give one of us a shout if you’re interested in getting some miles in with us… see you on the 21st… or beyond!


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Sore points – lots of them

Yesterday’s stop-start running shenanigans where I started three separate runs in a short space of time have left me feeling pretty sore. There’s a whole lot of chafing going on, while by warming up and cooling down, I’ve also a bit of a sniffle…

When the cat alarm (thanks Mini) went off this morning at 3.30am, I wanted to just curl up and die. Luckily, I was so whacked, I managed to pull her under the covers and get her and me back to sleep.

Six am and I was up, feeling like the body weighed about 20 stone rather than 13. A five miler seemed impossible today so I Vaselined up on all the sore bits and headed out to do three at as slow a pace as I could.

At 42, I am also now discovering the joys of Sudocrem – an antiseptic ointment that helps relieve discomfort from things like nappy rash!

Click here for a link to Garmin Connect for a map and details of the run

Miles today: 3
Target: 1017
Miles to date: 1,418.68

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