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Day 178- 185 The half way point

Well i am at the half way point its been tough but i did not expect any different , to be honest i find the blogging more of a challenge i leave it a day and it soon becomes a week. Its all downhill from now on only 180 days to go bring it on.
miles today 3.00
miles completed 734.75
miles to go 529
shoes nike
ipod various

Day 111

Went for my usual 1 hour gym session followed by my run home with my pal this is the only run that i have company on it makes a nice change no music just banter.
Miles today 3.01
miles completed 339.77
miles to go 755
shoes nike lunareclipse
iopd n/a

Day 110

Football training this morning followed by my usual 3 mile run.
miles today 3.03
miles completed 336.76
miles to go 758
shoes nike
ipod mumford and sons

Day 108

A gentle run before going boxing training, i like to save my energy for this tough workout.
miles today 3.02
miles completed 330.67
miles to go 764
shoes nike lunareclipse
ipod the lumineers

Day 107

Its started to get colder now , so wrapping up is in order as long as you have the right gear you should feel comfortable in any conditions.
miles today 3.03
miles completed 327.65
miles to go 767
shoes nike
ipod the lumineers

Day 106

A nice easy run after last nights tough game.
miles today 3.03
miles completed 321.59
miles to go 770
shoes nike
ipod mumford and sons

Day 105

Gentle run this morning due to playing 5 aside for the veterans tonight.
miles today 3.03
miles completed 318.56
miles to go 773
shoes nike
ipod The clash

Day 104

Did the usual sunday morning drill of 1 hr in the gym then run home with my running buddy.
Miles today 3.07
miles completed 315.53
miles to go 776
shoes nike
iopd n/a

Day 103

Back on the promenade today after the lads football match , beat top of the league so very happy.
Miles today 3.19
miles completed 311.46
miles to go 779
shoes nike
ipod The Jam

Day 102

Decided to run on the promenade tonight , there was no wind so it made perfect conditions for running.
Miles today 3.18
miles completed 308.27
miles to go 782
shoes nike lunarglide
iopd The Pogues