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Day 59

Struggling with a knee injury at the moment that i received playing 5 aside football for the veterans, but on this challenge you have to just get on with it, i would not have run normally if i was injured but there are no excuses on this challenge. The run went fine i am not going to push it for a week or so and try and recover for next monday football i hate missing it.
Miles today 3.02
miles completed 184.92
miles to go 911
shoes nike lunarglide

Day 56

Nice easy early morning run due to playing 5 a side football tonight , i want to leave some in the tank it is hard enough when fresh.
miles today 3.20
miles completed 177.86
miles to go 920
Shoes nike lunarglide

Day 53

Still full of a cold, im not enjoying these runs since getting back for Florida, the sooner i can shake this cold off the better, this is definately what this challenge is all about.
miles today 3.19
miles completed 168.19
miles to go 929
shoes nike

Day 27

Had to squeeze the run in between a morning of kids football and an Olympic party , and what a party especially with 3 more gold medals.
Miles today 3.19
Miles completed 84.61
Miles to go 1014
Shoes Nike lunar eclipse

Day 26

Went for a dinner time run today , because i am looking after the kids all day so would struggle fitting the run in any other time, a nice gentle pace today .
Miles today 3.15
Miles completed 81.42
Miles to go 1017
Shoes Nike lunareclipse

DAY 22

After a big drinking seesion the night before i ran to pick the car up were i left it last night in poulton, it was just what i needed to sweat the beer out, i never look forward to a run after the night before but it always does the trick .
Miles today 3.35
Miles completed 68.82
Miles to go 1026.18
Shoes Nike lunareclipse

Day 13

Well that was some drinking session, started drinking at 9.30 am and finished the next morning at 01.30 am , spent most of the day drinking at Covent garden and Soho then finished of at the hotel bar. Did not sleep very well due to my pal waking me up on his customary sleepwalk, off he went down the corridors in just his underpants , smallest pair i have ever seen in my life (scary), thankfully he did not come across anyone , when asked what he was doing he said he was closing down a room , he is a gasman, i suppose he had been dreaming about his job. I went on my run at 7.20 am around Euston started the run feeling awful but by the end i felt suprisingly good, going to watch the cricket at 10.00am and straight back on the drink oh dear !!
Miles today: 3.14
Miles completed : 40.91
Miles to go 1054.09
Shoes : Nike lunarglide

Day 11

Well i felt good today back on the road and picked the pace up a bit , seem to be getting fitter, the sun was out and got a good sweat on , i think this is what they mean by runners high, i felt great . Off to london tomorrow with the lads for 2 heavy drinking sesssions, this will test me for the 2 runs ahead.
Miles today 3.01
Miles completed 34.57
Miles to go 1063.44
Shoes Nike

Christ, I'm hurting…

Five days of being tested, prodded, poked, stretched and loaded with weights on the PT course on top of the general travails of running every day for a year and I felt wrecked when I got up this morning.

What to do? Crank the miles back up to five for today before hitting tomorrow’s big run as part of my marathon program for Athens. We’re endurance runners for cripe’s sake, what else did you expect :)

Despite the niggles and sore bits, as per usual it was fine when I got outside and started running… but then again, it always is!

Click here for a link to Garmin Connect for a map and details of the run

Miles today: 5
Target: 1029
Miles to date: 1,432.68

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Another weird pain

This morning I didn’t feel like running. As part of the house refurb as we await the twins, I did some re-wiring of telephone cable in the week and managed to lose internet access for about 12 hours.

I got it back on yesterday but couldn’t get the Sky TV on as well – for some reason, Sky insist that you have it connected to a phone line… probably to flog you stuff like movies and the QVC channel.

Anyway, I was up at six, trying to fix it, annoying Laura who was trying to sleep and getting more irate at my inability to attach a new phone plug to a cable. I ended up cutting the cable back so  many times, it ended up being too short and so it all had to be re-laid.

The run at least dissipated some of my frustration and anger. It was a muggy day, no sun but low cloud, really heavy as though it wanted to summer thunder but couldn’t.

The result was that body temperature elevated from pissing about relaying the cable, I sweated like a b******* all the way around Tooting Common… and at one point pulled up with a really tight pain in my adductors, the inside of the thigh. Quite weird but I managed to run it o

Only 28 more runs to go now.

The best thing about doing this blog has been meeting other people through cyber space I would never have met. Three immediately spring to mind

Andy Ratcliffe who is taking on the challenge next month from me. We met via the blog, he came on the 1095th mile run and we have stayed in touch ever since. Great lad and I am so glad he’s taking on the challenge so I dont feel compelled to carry on running.

Kelly Taylor.  An American lady who started commenting on my posts just when I was beginning to feel like no one was listening and it was time to give up. She recently completed her first 5k on a C25K program. Well done Kelly (follow her blog here)

Alex Kyprianou. Alex is a Brit who has become an Aussie, living in Melbourne for the last 18 years. We’ve been in touch via email – a top bloke who is going to wear a 1095miles.com tee at his next 10k. His excellent blog is here

Click here for a link to Garmin Connect for a map and details of the run

Miles today: 5.6
Target: 1008
Miles to date: 1,395.50

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