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I have borrowed a Garmin watch to ensure that I have the most up to date versions of the 3 miles possible. I am busy learning its benefits and how to use it, which for me and any other man, is a big deal. Often I don’t read instructions in detail. I start off with the mind set that I will do it by the book, but then my artistic flare takes over and I end up fumbling around the buttons, like a teenager. It might tae me a while to get it going but nevertheless it will be a nice addition to the technological locker.

This evening I did the same route as last night, an ‘Out Back’ as I am calling them. I am afraid that there might be a few of them over the winter months as they are all lit well and are routes that enough people use throughout the day, meaning the council should in theory have tended to the street for safety’s sake meaning that not only will I be able to see black ice and not break my neck, but there should not be any black ice in the first place, just large granules of purple salt.

This all makes it slightly boring for the map enthusiast, but I will try to make it up at the weekends, now that I have the Garmin and the ability to have one of 28 satellites every second of every day of the year anywhere in the world…I will believe that when I see it.

Till then

Day 82
Miles today: 3.10
Miles completed: 260.15
Miles to go: 850

Day 323: Trundling along

This morning’s pre work run was so I can meet Jwrecks for dinner. Hope he appreciates the effort it took to get up!!

I took it slowly to rest my knee, not cause I was half asleep and it was too warm for any sort of exercise. Honest! 😉

Knee is better but still pretty sore.

Miles Today: 3.00
Miles Completed: 1090.25
Miles To Go: 126
Shoes: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 14

Day 322: Sore knee

Woke up with a slightly sore knee today and it got progressively worse as the day went on.

It does free out when I walk around a bit and was middling on the run itself. Fingers crossed!

Miles Today: 3.01
Miles Completed: 1087.25
Miles To Go: 129
Shoes: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 14

Garmin Connect is down at the moment, I’ll add a link to the run later

Day 99: Monday I rest my case….

Its becoming rather repetitive Mondays they just keep coming every 7 days like clockwork I swear its just to wind me up!! I at least only have a short journey to work nowadays which is bliss but I have had this cold for a week now and its starting to get me down as I really cant be arsed to run!!

Anyway I’ve been thinking about this blog and how difficult it is to keep it fresh ie not keep repeating the same thing. Writing a blog is hard mainly because it takes up a lot of time and when you have a busy life its very hard to fit it in, I am as I speak sat at the dining table at 10.45 at night catching up on Mondays blog on Wednesday night and I still have to make lunch boxes for the kids and myself, so you can see that time is a finite thing and there isn’t enough hours in the day!!

I am going to write a list of things that I want in life (I have thought about these honestly)
1:- World peace (not really just kidding) but I would like people to get on better especially the Welsh and the English
2:- I want my kids to be happy, I am proud of my kids but I am also hard on them as they need to learn respect for people around them.
3:- I want my wife to stop moaning(joking). I like swearing and I like leaving the toilet seat up and leaving my running stuff everywhere.
4:- I would like to eradicate petty jealousy in life, it seems to cause more angst and problems is it worth getting jealous because someone is better off, better looking, has a bigger house or tv etc the answer to me is no I really don’t care what other people do or have we can’t all be rich and successful(thats reserved for me) I personally won’t get myself into hock to keep up with other people if I cant afford it I cant afford it simples!!
5:-I wouldn’t mind having a hot tub time machine!!

What I really,really want I’ll tell you what I really really want is to be able to see the spice girls live!! I jest obviously although I do have a rather eclectic taste in music but I’ll bore you with that another night!

Miles today:3
Miles completed:341
Miles to go:74
Shoes:Saucony Omni 12

Day 96: Today is actually Friday!!

As I was so far behind with my blogging that I have actually messed up the day I was on!! This is actually Friday and day 95 Thursday and 94 Wednesday!!! So as I was saying about Fridays I love em they are brilliant its the weekend and that means I get to do what I want…… or what Sharon tells me I have to do and thats after I have done Freddies wendyball on a Saturday and then Sams wendyball on Sunday, shopped, cooked tea and been a general dogsbody, actually thinking about it I prefer working!!!

Anyway my Garmin Ant stick seemed to break this week which is why I am so far behind with my blogs and I had no way to upload any of my runs!! That was until a new kind of hero came to the fore his name is Jeff, Jeffrey Wilkinson and he is a thoroughbred legend and not a bad runner to boot and had lent me his.

This leads me on to Garmin themselves and their customer service. My watch is still in warranty but the ANT stick device breaks quite easily and I wasn’t sure if it would be covered so I sent an email asking if it was and whether they could give me a price for a replacement. They replied very promptly giving me instructions on how to reinstall drivers which I tried and it still wouldn’t work, so I recontacted the Garmin customer service team who again responded very quickly and said they had dispatched me a new one. If i need to buy another running watch it will be a Garmin based on that service alone, I would definitely recommend them highly for great products and now great service.

I said in yesterday’s blog that I dont HAVE to work weekends this is true I do occasionally have to go in on a Saturday but I don’t actually work!! Short blog again as I have to do Sat/Sun/Mon to catch up which I will do tomorrow!

Miles today:3
Miles completed:332
Miles to go:763
Shoes:Saucony Omni 12

Day 95:Fridays I love em!!!

I forgot to talk about the wendyball training with the boys last night mainly because I am so far behind!! I have to say we have a lot of attitude in the team and its all bad at the moment and frankly its getting worse, they all know better and think that messing about and laughing is cool and being rude is ever so clever well actually its not its upsetting the better behaved more team focused lads and really pissing off all your coaches to the extent that they wont have any coaches if they carry on because we have all had enough. They are good lads in the main but have lost a bit of focus and the desire to win seems to have evaporated, they are accepting that they are not good enough and I will not accept that from anyone. In life anyone can be a winner with hard work, determination and sheer bloody mindedness we were all born to be winners you just have to keep trying, life will knock you down, you will have set backs but its not about how many times you fail its about how you come back from those set backs. Accepting second best and accepting defeat are things that just did not cross my mind on a sports pitch still don’t when I play. I have said to them winners never quit and quitters never win a hundred times but I think perhaps they are just quitters this story will be continued!!!

I love Fridays because I do, best day of the week for me as I don’t do weekends at work ever!!

Miles today:3
Miles completed:329
Miles to go:766
Shoes: Saucony Omni 12

Day 4: You alright fat lad!!

Well an interesting run tonight went on my usual 4 mile run that I haven’t done for a while!! I was running fine until the 3 mile mark and then my legs suddenly felt like lead. I slowed up, carried on, sped up still felt terrible. I had to make sure I finished my 4 miler anyway the glorious view of Grove rugby club loomed on the horizon and I was at 3.75 miles and training was about to start so i thought I’d run by say hi to a few of the lads I used to play with and pick up a prize I had won at a recent race night (more on that in a mo) as I ran past I picked up my pace (by now at 3.95 miles) and one of my friends said you alright fat lad which did make me chuckle and is all part of the friendships that are formed inside rugby clubs(its called bullying). I picked up my prize from the bar(no alcohol!!) and had some water to much amusement the bar manager went to get my prize, after lots of giggling they gave it to me a cut and blow dry finish at a local hairdresser. There are 2 funny points on this, the first is I am a “baldy” and secondly my wife is a very talented hairdresser!!!

Miles today: 4
Total Miles: 14
Miles to go: 1081
Shoes: Asics Gel 1160 (starting to run out any suggestions welcome!!)

Day 287

An early morning run today because i have boxing training tonight.
miles today 3.00
miles completed 1050.75
miles to go 223
shoes nike free

Day 232 -252

Hi i am struggling with a torn calf muscle at the moment , i nearly packed it in on monday night but my brother talked me into keeping it going seeing i got this far, i am walking/jogging on the last two runs it is very painfull i just hope i can continue to the end.
Miles today 3.00
miles completed 935.75
miles to go 328
shoes nike free 2
ipod various

Day 186 -203

Apologies for not blogging but i find it a big struggle i promise i will try and improve . The running is going ok its a case of putting up with the weather and hopefully soon the nice weather or milder weather will be on its way.
miles today 3.00
miles completed 788.75
miles to go 475
shoes nike air max 2013
ipod – various