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Day 61: Apparently it will be alright

Went to see the physio today, I couldn’t get to see my usual physio at late notice so I took an appointment with another one at the same practice. Turns out its one of the ladies that I do BMF (British Military Fitness) with which was a bit of a coincidence. Not that I have been since I started this challenge. Anyhoo, I have good old fashioned strain in pretty much a kerzillion points throughout my calf and have a few more sessions booked in. Got to continue with the stretching etc and have to use the foam roller EVERY day, I hate that thing. The prognosis is positive though.

The run today was alright to start but gradually progressed to pretty crap. Hobbling around again tonight, might need some 1095er support.

Day 61
Miles 3.03
Miles so far 199.94
Miles to go 895.06
Trainers Asics Pain

Day 57: I’m broken

After feeling pretty good and not having to face the heat and hills of Spain I sped it up yesterday. Big mistake, my calves were rather tight this morning and knew I would have to take it slow. At weekends sometimes Zac jumps on his bike and follows me round and today he decided to put on his trainers and run with me. That was great as I knew having him along would mean I have to take it easy. He runs a bit of cross country at school but not loads and knew 3 miles might be a bit of a challenge…. He breezed it, clearly the hours and hours of swimming he does translates into overall fitness. Perhaps he could be challenging the Brownlee brothers in a few years.

The boy

The boy

So I am psychologically broken after having been shown up by a 10 year old and as I limp around the house my calves are telling me I am physically broken.

Day 57
Miles 3.01
Miles so far 187.77
Miles to go 907.23
Trainers Asics Whipper Snappers

Day 52: Stupid Stupid Legs

Followed the quick hilly 3 mile loop today and my left quad/groin felt really weak. Whenever I lift my knee above parallel it seems to give up and really hurts. Also tweaked my right calf, That I injured on day 4 trying to run quickly downhill.

Majorly disappointed with my legs today.

Day 52
Miles 3.01
Miles so far 172.25
Miles to go 922.75
Asics Let Downs

Day 322: Sore knee

Woke up with a slightly sore knee today and it got progressively worse as the day went on.

It does free out when I walk around a bit and was middling on the run itself. Fingers crossed!

Miles Today: 3.01
Miles Completed: 1087.25
Miles To Go: 129
Shoes: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 14

Garmin Connect is down at the moment, I’ll add a link to the run later

Day 25: The legs of another man

My mind and body are loving the challenge, I am full of energy and it feels like at the end of my run I am just getting into it and want to go on for much longer. My legs ain’t having any of it and it’s really frustrating, it’s like they aren’t mine or at least have a mind of their own at the moment. They are complaining quite a lot. If I didn’t need them so much I would tell them to get lost. Think I will just give them a stern talking to for now and hopefully they will buck their ideas up.

Day 25
Miles 3
Miles so far 83.6
Miles to go 1011.4
Trainers Asics GT2000
Legs Disowned

Day 78: Another gym run

My foot was much better today but still achey. Less need For painkillers :)

I decided not to risk an outside run so I headed to the gym. Still took it fairly slowly but managed a faster run than yesterday. delighted that it’s improving so quickly. I found the run boring though. I’m looking forward to getting back out despite the cold!


Miles Today: 3.19
Miles Completed: 189.58
Miles To Go: 861
Shoes: Asics GT 3000

Day 77: No idea how this happened but…

…it started yesterday evening, a niggling ache in my left foot that I could walk off after a few minutes. I was a little concerned about it but tried to just ignore it. I couldn’t do that this morning, however, when the pain woke me up. I wasn’t even able to put all of my (not insubstantial) weight on it. I slapped on some anti-inflammatory gel and then hobbled into work and proceeded to dose myself with ibuprofen. The idea of not being able to run today caused me to get a little emotional (sad as that is). I tried to remain hopeful though.

It improved a little as the day went on but it was still a little painful when I got home. I decided to go to the gym and run on a treadmill as it would be less impact on it and I could control the speed and go very slow. I made it through the 3 miles and I’m not in agony so fingers crossed it will continue to get better tomorrow. If I can keep running, it will be on a treadmill for the next few days…


Miles Today: 3.19
Miles Completed: 186.39
Miles To Go: 864
Shoes: Asics GT 3000

Day 53

Still full of a cold, im not enjoying these runs since getting back for Florida, the sooner i can shake this cold off the better, this is definately what this challenge is all about.
miles today 3.19
miles completed 168.19
miles to go 929
shoes nike

Day 200 – That’s a nice round number ;-)

The doc says sprained shoulder, limited range of movement. Great. They’ve given me crazy strong anti-inflammatory pills. Fingers crossed by Sunday they’re doing a good job. Today they’re not. Pain started within a few yards and although it’s not as insanely bad as yesterday (though not far off), it’s a significant distraction from running. And it really hurts!

I received a lovely email today from a friend. I hope she doesn’t mind being quoted…

“I hear you have had a very difficult couple of weeks. I’m so sorry to hear about your nan, that is really sad news. I hope you are ok. A week including a funeral, car accident and a marathon is quite a week. I hope it goes really well at the marathon on Sunday for you.”

Thank you 😉

So, today is day 200. That’s way more than half way isn’t it?!?! Well it sounds like it!

I’m also over 160 miles ahead of the minimum target. Having to make up 305 miles over the year to hit 1500 is still going to be a challenge though. I’m over half way and still have 144 miles to pick up somewhere. That’s an average of nearly a mile a day for the remaining days!

Tomorrow we travel to Brighton, to spend the weekend there and fit a marathon into the middle. I’m really looking forward to it and just hoping this blooming shoulder injury isn’t going to completely destroy the day!

I think I’m going to head down early tomorrow and catch some of the marathon expo at the Brighton centre. I’ll try and catch up with Steve Cram if possible. We still have a run to do! 😉

I’ll be wearing the 1095miles.com t-shirt on the day, as will Damian. Say hi if you spot either of us, we don’t bite. I’m 1566 and Damian is 800. There’s an iPhone app to track the Brighton marathon and runners you select available HERE for those of you who have one.

Enjoy the run if you’re doing it and best of luck. It’s going to be HOT!

Blogging may be brief and unreliable for the weekend, depending on how much internet time I can get over the next few days.

Wish me luck….!


Today’s shoes: Newish Kayano 17′s
Miles today: 3.12
Target: 600
Miles to date: 761.43
“Runners like to train 100 miles per week because it’s a round number. But I think 88 is a lot rounder.”
– Don Kardong

Long time, no see…

Congrats Andy on passing 500 miles and on his 150th day of running today… stellar effort and I thought you’d never keep it up!

So what have I been doing in the meantime? Well… looking after the twins and trying to work a couple of days a week from Chester mainly, which is why I’ve also missed the Tuesday runs… though I’m hoping to persuade everyone to change that to Wednesdays, in which case I can come back out to play.

Other than that, I’ve been trying, rather unsuccessfully to train for my other challenge, Brighton Marathon, Brighton to London run on one day (52 miles) and London Marathon the following Sunday.

I’d started off okay, got some new trainers, the new version of Brooks Adrenalins which I’ll get round to reviewing this week and had started upping the mileage again.

I’d got up to two runs in a weekend, one of 15 and one of ten when after one Sunday about three weeks ago on the former, I came home to find Laura needing some help, so without cooling down or stretching, I jumped straight into baby duties.

The next day, I was a little sore but thought I could run it off in a few days, so the following Friday, I went out and did 19 miles… oh yes James, well done, bloody great idea. By that afternoon, I couldn’t walk and couldn’t for the next five days… I mean seriously limping around here dragging my foot behind me when I wanted to go anywhere couldn’t walk.

The services of Lillian, my sports masseuse from last year, were called back into action and after some serious drawing of air over teeth, she concluded the tendon fascia that joins the muscle to the bone was being pulled away and advised… yes, the dreaded rest.

The week after, I gingerly tried to go out and got a mile from home before giving up in pain… I was hobbling so much I would only have managed to do more damage to the other leg and took another week off with ice and lots of ibuprofen.

Sunday last, I went out and managed to do six miles with not too many problems, although I was going sloooooooooooow. Welcome back to the world of 11minute miles! And I went to see Lillian again this week who has given me the go-ahead to start building up again.

I was going to run into the Express where Im working today and back, it’s about 14 miles in total, but I’ve now got a stinking cold so have decided to bus it instead.

Hopefully, I’ll be back on the road tomorrow.