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Day 300: Slightly surreal

It’s weird typing that. 300 doesn’t feel real in some ways. I also need to keep reminding myself I’ve another 65 to go. 300 feels like it would have been a nice round figure to finish on…James…I’m looking at you…you had to pick 365 😉

Miles Today: 3.00
Miles Completed: 990.02
Miles To Go: 195
Shoes: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 14

DAY 22

After a big drinking seesion the night before i ran to pick the car up were i left it last night in poulton, it was just what i needed to sweat the beer out, i never look forward to a run after the night before but it always does the trick .
Miles today 3.35
Miles completed 68.82
Miles to go 1026.18
Shoes Nike lunareclipse

Day 14

Well that was some weekend , went for a recovery run today to sweat all the beer out , it certainly does the trick especially in humid conditions, i was very worried about completing all my runs this weekend but i managed it just, so week 2 comes to an end only 50 weeks to go !!
Miles today :3.17
Miles completed : 44.08
Miles to go 1050.92
Shoes : Nike lunarglide

Day 13

Well that was some drinking session, started drinking at 9.30 am and finished the next morning at 01.30 am , spent most of the day drinking at Covent garden and Soho then finished of at the hotel bar. Did not sleep very well due to my pal waking me up on his customary sleepwalk, off he went down the corridors in just his underpants , smallest pair i have ever seen in my life (scary), thankfully he did not come across anyone , when asked what he was doing he said he was closing down a room , he is a gasman, i suppose he had been dreaming about his job. I went on my run at 7.20 am around Euston started the run feeling awful but by the end i felt suprisingly good, going to watch the cricket at 10.00am and straight back on the drink oh dear !!
Miles today: 3.14
Miles completed : 40.91
Miles to go 1054.09
Shoes : Nike lunarglide

Day 12

Off to London today, catching the train from Blackpool at 9.30 am so needed to get my run in early, very enjoyable run and hopefully set me up for a big drinking session today. I am dreading tomorrows run this will be my biggest challenge so far.
Miles today : 3.20
Miles completed : 37.77
Miles to go : 1057.23
Shoes : Nike Lunarglide

Day 10

Well the sun came out so i thought i would venture out for my latest 3 miler, this consisted of a mix of road running and off road, really enjoyable i must do more trail running, it takes more out of you but it is worth it.
Miles today : 3.01 miles
Miles completed : 31.56
Miles to go : 1063.44
Shoes : Nike lunarglide

Day 9

Well its raining again when will it ever stop ? at least it is warm and great conditions for running, my latest run took me to the gym which is approx 3 miles from my house, then i did 1hr in the gym and got a lift back home with my pals, did not fancy running home.
Miles today : 3.00
Miles completed : 25.55
Miles to go ;1066.45
Shoes : Nike

1095miles.com in this month’s Runner’s World

If you saw the article in Runner’s World this month and want to take up the 1095miles challenge – three miles a day every day for a year with no day’s off. Please email us you can contact us by clicking here. Please give us a little bit of your running history. It’s tough but doable.

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Long time, no see…

Congrats Andy on passing 500 miles and on his 150th day of running today… stellar effort and I thought you’d never keep it up!

So what have I been doing in the meantime? Well… looking after the twins and trying to work a couple of days a week from Chester mainly, which is why I’ve also missed the Tuesday runs… though I’m hoping to persuade everyone to change that to Wednesdays, in which case I can come back out to play.

Other than that, I’ve been trying, rather unsuccessfully to train for my other challenge, Brighton Marathon, Brighton to London run on one day (52 miles) and London Marathon the following Sunday.

I’d started off okay, got some new trainers, the new version of Brooks Adrenalins which I’ll get round to reviewing this week and had started upping the mileage again.

I’d got up to two runs in a weekend, one of 15 and one of ten when after one Sunday about three weeks ago on the former, I came home to find Laura needing some help, so without cooling down or stretching, I jumped straight into baby duties.

The next day, I was a little sore but thought I could run it off in a few days, so the following Friday, I went out and did 19 miles… oh yes James, well done, bloody great idea. By that afternoon, I couldn’t walk and couldn’t for the next five days… I mean seriously limping around here dragging my foot behind me when I wanted to go anywhere couldn’t walk.

The services of Lillian, my sports masseuse from last year, were called back into action and after some serious drawing of air over teeth, she concluded the tendon fascia that joins the muscle to the bone was being pulled away and advised… yes, the dreaded rest.

The week after, I gingerly tried to go out and got a mile from home before giving up in pain… I was hobbling so much I would only have managed to do more damage to the other leg and took another week off with ice and lots of ibuprofen.

Sunday last, I went out and managed to do six miles with not too many problems, although I was going sloooooooooooow. Welcome back to the world of 11minute miles! And I went to see Lillian again this week who has given me the go-ahead to start building up again.

I was going to run into the Express where Im working today and back, it’s about 14 miles in total, but I’ve now got a stinking cold so have decided to bus it instead.

Hopefully, I’ll be back on the road tomorrow.

Back to running…

So after a week off, bar the handover run on Tuesday, it was time to get back on the bike, so to speak yesterday.

The Athens Marathon is approaching at the end of October, as is the Royal Parks half marathon in the middle of the month and it’s been a while since I’ve done a really long run.

One of the things about not doing the challenge any more is that I am able to take rest days and I hope this is going to improve my performance and so I set off yesterday morning at 7am with a spring in my step, despite the cold and drizzle.

My plan was to run the seven miles from home to Green Park, meet up with my pal Dave and a couple of other lads who are also training for the Royal Parks, do eight miles with them and then run as far home as I could.

According to my training program, yesterday should have been a 20 miler but with no real long for a few weeks, I’d decided to settle for 18.

Getting into town was relatively easy, I wasn’t bombing it, but neither was I taking it easy, the few days rest were obviously doing their job.

I hooked up with David and the boys at around eight, luckily, one of them was doing his first half marathon, had not done much training for a few weeks and wanted to take it easy, so we let him set the pace for the eight miles we had to cover.

We ended up doing a huge figure of eight around Hyde Park before rounding Buckingham Palace through Green Park, down the Mall to Trafalgar Square and down Whitehall, past Downing Street to Westminster Tube. It was all at a rather leisurely pace of around 10.5mins a mile.

We split up here and I headed back over Westminster Bridge to South London, we were at around the 15mile mark and I knew that every mile I could add on from now on was in the bank as training for Athens.

I decided to pick up the pace again for a mile or two but coming into where Oval starts to meet Brixton, I was getting less and less hopeful of being able to do any more than 18: my glutes and calves were on fire, though I was glad to feel mentally really strong.

In Brixton, just by the bus stop where busses come back to Streatham, I’d had enough. I’d slowed right down by now and decided to call it a day, jumping straight onto a bus – bugger it, I’ll stretch at home I thought. Bad idea.

By the time I was back in Streatham, I’d totally seized up and it was much too late to stretch out, so it was a hot bath for an hour and lots of neurofen through the day.

I’m aching like heck this morning and just glad to think I don’t have to do three miles – though poor Andy is probably about half way through his run at the moment!