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Day 102

Decided to run on the promenade tonight , there was no wind so it made perfect conditions for running.
Miles today 3.18
miles completed 308.27
miles to go 782
shoes nike lunarglide
iopd The Pogues

Day 97

Set off early this morning for my run due to the fact i was climbing Helvellyn with my mates at 10.00am. I took the run nice and easy so that i could save my energy for the walk ahead, i am glad i did because the walk was 8 mile round trip with a few tough climbs but very enjoyable, we finished the walk at 2.30pm then went drinking until 1.30am we needed the jaegerbombs to keep us going.
Miles today 3.02
miles completed 293
miles to go 797
ipod -n/a
shoes nike

Day 96

A busy day today so couldn’t go for my run until this evening a nice easy run because tomorrow i am climbing Helvellyn with my mates , so i will have to get up for 6.00am do my 3 mile run then go to the lakes to tackle striding edge bring it on .
miles today 3.02 miles
miles completed 289.98
miles to go 800
shoes nike
ipod Dry the river

Day 95

Took my boy football training then went for an evening run which i enjoyed immensely, i run a junior football team so this gives me chance to think about the match tomorrow.
miles today 3.02
miles completed 286.96
miles to go 803
shoes nike
ipod – n/a

Day 89

Took the boys football training this morning then went straight for my run because i was going to watch Blackpool play football in the afternoon , and i like a couple of pints beforehand so there would be no chance to go for a run after the match.
miles today 3.18
miles completed 268.36
miles to go 821
shoes nike lunarglide ipod – n/a

Day 81

Picked up the pace slightly today , sometimes a feel like pushing it others i just like to go for a run at a nice comfortable pace.
miles today 3.14
miles completed 243.55
miles to go 845
shoes nike lunarglide
ipod mumford and sons

Day 80

A nice steady run today listening to mumford and sons new album babel, what a quality album right up there with the first album , listen out for The Boxer a cover of Simon and Garfunkels classic, in my opinion equally as good if not better.
miles today 3.06
miles completed 240.41
miles to go 848
shoes nike lunarglide
ipod mumford and sons

DAY 79

Well its finally stopped raining, i went for a nice slow run due to playing 5 aside tonight , hopefully i will not get injured again.
miles today 3.21
miles completed 247.35
miles to go 851
shoes nike lunarglide
ipod arcade fire

Day 77

Set off for my run today in torential rain i was not looking forward to it , but with mumford and sons new album playing on my ipod the run soon passed and i actually really enjoyed the rain nice and refreshing.
miles today 3.02
miles completed 241.05
miles to go 857
shoes nike lunarglide
ipod mumford and sons

Day 75

Saturday means kids football in the morning followed by my run in the afternoon. The football went well with 2 wins and no goals conceded which made the run more enjoyable. I did not listen to music today as i replayed the match back in my mind, so overall a very satisfying day.
miles today 3.08
miles completed 235.01
miles to go 863
shoes nike lunarglide
ipod – none