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Day 247: Back to the grind stone

I plan before I go away work schedules, when I come back I check them standard!! I soon realised that we were behind programme and decided to rattle a few cages!! I love holidays but I hate going back people just do not feel the pressure when you are not in their faces!! Still a frustrating day and not great to be back give me holiday drama all day long!!

Short blog due to the fact I am a week behind!!

Miles today:3
Miles completed:820
Miles to go:275
Shoes: Saucony Omni 12

Day 246: Returning home!!

Its been an interesting holiday!! Laughs, tears, pain and upset but all in all I quite enjoyed myself I drank a lot, ran a lot and laughed a lot!! We packed the car which appeared to have more stuff in it than when we came tidied the cottage from top to bottom and then left for a shopping trip to Harry Tuffins now if I try to expain briefly what an awful shop Tuffins is then I will do it in one sentence, It is worse than B&M bargains and had more Tat than a car boot sale!! Still the kids love spending there pennys in the pound section, how much is that? is the standing joke!!

Then back in the car for the longish journey home and we arrived back at about 7pm so kids bathed and in bed and car unpacked by 9!! A good holiday under some upsetting circumstances things have changed within the family with Millies diabetes but we are all firmly behind, beside and in front of the Newtons if they need us (and if they don’t!!) Love to you all especially to Millie who had taken it all so far in her tiny stride!!

Miles today:3
Miles completed:817
Miles to go:278
Shoes: Saucony Omni 12

Day 241: Exciting day!!!

Well could the holiday get any more dramatic after yesterdays horrible news, we though not but we were soon to be proved wrong by the youngest member of our family!!

The older boys had got up and were playing various electronics downstairs so I went down and made a cup of tea for Sharon and then went back to my room to get Poppy up and the boys dressed, meanwhile Charlie had awoke in a chipper mood and was chatting and giggling away and started playing with Poppy by running up and down the corridor that separated the bedrooms and then in and out of Sammy’s bedroom and then I heard a crash and a scream followed by Poppy’s panicked voice!! Charlie ran to Aunty Shan and I ran across the hallway to check the damage I was greeted by and blood covered little face so we decided to take a little trip to Shrewsbury general ourselves!!!

This is where Sam was so grown up he had the younger members dressed teeth done and in the car within 15 mins and I patched Charlie up (first aid guru!!) and chucked him in the car with a bottle (mistake!!) I drove a little quick down the windy roads and about 5 miles from Shrewsbury Charlie threw up everywhere mainly on himself but a fair bit on Freddie!!! I abandoned Sharon and Charlie in the ambulance bay (not before I had a paramedic laugh at me for shaking Charlie dried sick off him!!) and took the other to Mcdonalds for breakfast!!!

It was at this point that Sarah phoned me as she was unable to get hold of Sharon, now we hadn’t told Sarah and John as they had enough to deal with so we decided to tell them once all sorted. So I thought about telling a little fib but I had to tell her the truth!!! We left the hospital and took Charlie to Mcdonalds and Toys R Us for being such a brave boy in the “hospital”.

John and I had discussed running up a very steep hill a couple of days before so I decided to run up it for “The Newtons” its the last time I do anything for them (like that!!) again I was nearly in bloody A&E but I ran almost all the way up collapsed on the floor and then ran back in a really fast time was very proud of myself for doing it but was also proud of my extended family and how they were coping!!

Miles today: 3 (up a big bastard hill!!)
Miles completed:802
Miles to go:293
Shoes: Saucony Omni 12

Day 240: Poor Millie Moo!!!

It was a lovely day at the cottage and we were up reasonably early(well John and I were) So we got the kids breakfast. Millie who hadn’t been herself was popping up to the Dr’s in the local town to give a urine sample as requested by John and Sarah’s (and our! Doctor!) so Sarah took Millie moo up to the Dr’s who told her to go straight to Shrewsbury General as her urine sample showed possible diabetes.

This then started a chain reaction of events which I will tell you about over the next couple of blogs!! Sharon and I sorted the kids out and took the 5 remaining kids up to the park for a couple of hours to keep them amused and we had a great time running around the park!!

Sarah phoned Sharon and told her that Millie was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and they were on there way back to the JR in Oxford. So we returned to the cottage in a sombre mood but I decided to take Sammy and Joe for a run and pushed them hard with Joe recording a fantastic PB in 24:49 (its quite hilly so we did have a couple of very short stops but hell who’s counting) Great running buddy!!! We then had cheered up and when Joe put on his iPod and the song from the Lego movie “everything is awesome” I danced like a loon with the kids while Sharon videoed it and put it on bloody Facebook (what idiot post things on Facebook)

All was good in the cottage and a few beers and put all the kids to bed I had Freddie, Joe and Poppy with me and Sharon had Charlie in with her so a peaceful end to an emotional day but it was the calm before the storm eh Charlie!!!!

Miles today:3
Miles completed:799
Miles to go:296
Shoes: Saucony Omni 12

Day 239: A little jaded!!

A long day of drinking yesterday after a good afternoon watching football!! Today the sun was shining again so John and I sorted the kids and went out for a run. I felt a little jaded this morning after drinking lots of Lager/cider and shots but the sun was warming and the run was different so I couldn’t complain. We found another little road today and just ran up it it is always good running with Newts but I am conscious that I am a slower runner than him so today I decided to try and up the pace a little and we ran the 1st mile in 8:32 which is above my pace, the second mile in 8:18 which is still more my pace but closer to Johns and as I felt good and attacked the last hill hard we ran a 7:29 third mile which I was really pleased with!! Cooked a big curry tonight and drank a few Ciders, I was mocked on Facebook for drinking Strongbow citrus edge ( I like it!!) but I can’t find Thatchers Gold up here and if I could I’d be drinking that FACT!!

I would also like to congratulate all the runners who ran the London marathon yesterday you were truly awesome and inspiring and I have decided that 2015 I will run it whatever happens (ballot or charity) Dan the athlete ran an awesome 3:12(a legend!!) but everyone who runs and gets around it a hero to me well done!!

Today I have just past another milestone I have under 300 miles left, I still have 126 days to run so mileage is irrelevant but it is still a good feeling!!

Miles today:3
Miles completed:796
Miles to go:299
Shoes: Saucony Omni 12

Day 237: Holiday time!!

We are off to Shropshire for a week or so with the Newtons so we will have a terrible time and the banter will be poor so will the eating and drinking!! I got up reasonably early to make amends for my ultimately lazy behaviour yesterday, kids breakfasted and tea in bed for Sharon sometimes I wake up grumpy and sometimes I let her sleep in!!

Went for the first of 10 days of running with John and we had a gentle run around the airfield and back to home then it was time to load the car with bags and kids and drive up to Shropshire, we left at 1pm and started the drive up to Johns uncle and aunts cottage near Shrewsbury a small village called more nr Bishops Castle, now in Bishops Castle there is a pub and in this pub they serve the finest Guinness I have tasted outside of Ireland, so after a long drive and a stop for dinner in the pub John and I had to get some bits from the local shop and happened to stumble into the pub for a pint, we then returned to the cottage for a few more than a few!!

I love it up here and always feel relaxed when we arrive, Poppy wrote a little diary and I am glad that she can’t spell Coke as it made me cry with laughter I love that girl so much!!!


Miles today:
Miles completed:790
Miles to go:305
Shoes: Saucony Omni 12

Day 235: One Hundred and thirty days to go!!

When I started this challenge I set my self mini milestones to keep myself going this wasn’t one but I kind of like this figure I have no idea why, perhaps its just because in 1 month I will be into single figures and that will be a brilliant feeling. I ran tonight up to training then took the boys on a little cross country run and then did some sprints( well they did I just told them too!!) and then ran back so the run was a little disjointed. Sam and Freddie ran down to training and back although they cheated and cut across the field and I went the long way around!!

The under 11 boys are coming along nicely, a great bunch of lads nearly there with the fitness and improving all the time!! They now believe they can win have the skills to boot just 2 wins and the league is ours boys!!

Miles today:3
Miles completed:784
Miles to go:311
Shoes: Saucony Omni 12

Day 234: Starting to feel energised

I felt a lot better today, not so tired and a little bit energised so I headed out to run a bit quicker than the last couple of evenings, anyway I was just starting to accelerate when flying round the corner came fellow 1095 miler Dave Haskett so we stopped and had a chat I have to say Dave you’re looking good and trim!! Keep trucking buddy!!

I then set off again and after a mile bumped into fellow under 9 parent Gary Rees so we had a natter about Sunday and I reminded him that he also said he would run the Grove half next year with me, I think he and Phil will but Mr Adam Lockhart who promised to not only run it but also roly poly over the finish line will bottle out. I have had a few more guys say they will run it Ash Lane was one and apparently looking after kids ( whilst watching a half ) is harder than running a half so Sarah Newton also challenged herself as she can’t actually know because she hasn’t run one and you can only base proper arguments on fact not speculation !!!

Miles today:3
Miles completed:781
Miles to go:314
Shoes: Saucony Omni 12

Day 233: The day after the day after!!

Today I thought there would be pain but it wasn’t too bad except my left ankle was a little stiff and my black toe was very sore!! Managed to get through the day wearing my steel toe cap boots and marching up and down site and scaffolds!! Went for another slow run tonight just because I can!! I think that Oscar Pistorius is not guilty but thats a debate for another day!!

Miles today:3
Miles completed:778
Miles to go:317
Shoes: Saucony Omni 12

Day 232: Recovery run!!

A few celebratory ciders down the Bay tree yesterday afternoon, with the runners and families unfortunately Sharon had to go to work which was a shame because as the best supporter on the course she was a bit gutted to have to work. We had a rehydration session which I am now convinced is the best way of recovery as cider replaces all the stuff sweated out by running!!

I woke fearing the worst but as I stepped out of bed nothing seemed to hurt, I was a little stiff in certain areas but that is always the same first thing in the morning!!! I then got ready for work and as I put on my sock I felt a real shooting pain in my toe after removing the sock to have a look I had a black toe with a blood blister right on the edge damned sore!!

I went for a really slow evening run with John Newton and we had a really good chat about the half marathon and we are both really chuffed with our times. Newts is running the Liverpool marathon in may so still has some mileage to put in where as I can now drop back to just 3 miles a day lush!! Good luck bro I’ll be thinking of you on those long training runs!!!

Miles today:3
Miles completed:775
Miles to go:320
Shoes: Saucony Omni 12