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DAY 22

After a big drinking seesion the night before i ran to pick the car up were i left it last night in poulton, it was just what i needed to sweat the beer out, i never look forward to a run after the night before but it always does the trick .
Miles today 3.35
Miles completed 68.82
Miles to go 1026.18
Shoes Nike lunareclipse

Day 17

Well after a day walking round ikea i was ready for my run , i ran to the gym the weather was humid so got a good sweat on and the did 1hr in the gym , luckily i met a couple of friends at the gym so they gave me a lift home now for nice cold beer.

Miles today 3.01
Miles completed 53.11
Miles to go 1041.89
Shoes Nike lunarglide

Day 14

Well that was some weekend , went for a recovery run today to sweat all the beer out , it certainly does the trick especially in humid conditions, i was very worried about completing all my runs this weekend but i managed it just, so week 2 comes to an end only 50 weeks to go !!
Miles today :3.17
Miles completed : 44.08
Miles to go 1050.92
Shoes : Nike lunarglide

First rule of running club fails… and a new ailment

A particularly bad run this morning where for the first time ever, the First Rule of Running Club failed.

For those of you who have missed any related posts, the First Rule of Running Club was devised by my pal David. The First Rule of Running Club dictates that you must got for a number two before going on a run… the theory is that if you don’t, you’ll want to half way through the run.

Well I followed the first rule and I still wanted to go half way through the run – which made for a particularly uncomfortable second half of the run.

The strange pain in the bottom of my left foot was also playing on my mind. With every step, I get a small stabbing pain coming up in the area just before my toes… it’s not unbearable but not pleasant either.

So this evening, I decided to venture back to my running heroine, Lillian, the sports maseuse at the Virgin Active gym in Streatham. She gave me a good going over, releasing some of the pressure on my aching muscles and in particular the adductors (the ones on the inside of your thigh). But she also found what is wrong with my foot – apparently, I’ve a little bit of tendonitis and I could feel it clicking as she tried to massage it away.

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Miles today: 5
Target: 972
Miles to date: 1,330.75

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Run rabbits, run

We had to be up early this morning to get an early start on driving back to London and so I was out at just after 6am… gorgeous weather for a run, not too hot, not too cold and I took to the bridle paths around Eric’s house with relish…

At one point, I came across a car parked in a remote bit of woods with someone obviously asleep on the front seat, entirely covered by an animal print blanket… I have to say, I was kind of glad the whole Raoul Moat story is over, because I would have been bricking it that I’d found him!

The rest of the run was spent warning the little bunny rabbits in the area to hide. There’s a bit of an infestation in the area and so they were set for a bit of a cull today, so I stamped around as loud as possible and made as much noise as I could whenever I saw one, in a vain attempt to alert there instincts as to what might be about to come.

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Miles today: 5
Target: 906
Miles to date: 1,214.63

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The penultimate Brighton Marathon run

So the penultimate run before Sunday’s Brighton Marathon went well this morning. I didn’t really push it and also didn’t look at the Garmin again as I was running to check my speed and still did under 9mins 30secs a mile.

I also went to my last sports massage before the face. Lillian at the Virgin Active where I’m a member said my legs seem to be in good shape and she gave me a big thumbs up saying my calves are probably the most supple of all the runners she is treating – and this at the height of marathon season, which I was pretty chuffed about.

She also gave me a little present for post the race – a bottle of body soak Radox to relax the muscles.

Diet wise, Im at the heart of carb loading now. I’ve eaten enough brown rice and spaghetti this week to feed half of China and all of Italy – I’ve got a spag bol on the cooker as I type! The idea is to have a decent amount in your body so you don’t run out of fuel in the race itself…

Got to admit, I’m also feeling pretty nervous about it all so I’m trying a few breathing and visualisation techniques. Just closing my eyes, lots of deep breaths til Im relaxed and then seeing the finish in my mind’s eye…

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Miles today: 3
Target: 627
Miles to date: 818.09

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Things will only never get better

After this morning’s run I had my weekly sports massage at Virgin Active with Lillian and told her about my visit to the physio.

While she agreed with what the physio had said, Lillian was quite forthright in her general assesment of my condition. “James, the only way you will totally get rid of shin splints is to rest – there’s no other way out of it,” she said before going on to do a massage that went a long way to relieving some of the pain.

I later went into London and popped into a shop called Runners Need – as I said earlier this week, I was keen to have my gait looked at again. While new trainers ahead of the Brighton Marathon would never be worn in and would lead to blisters, I thought it was worth taking a look at.

I started this quest running in Asics GT 2140 stabilising shoes that worked pretty well for a good 500 miles but when I tried to get a new pair, they were no more and had been replaced with the upgraded GT2150s.

When I entered the shop, I told the shop assistant this and he said a few other people had had trouble with the change. He said the new shoe was not as stable as its predecessor and that they were now recommended only for people with mild to moderate overpronation (foot rolling inwards as you run).

We checked them out on the treadmill using a video camera to record my stride and you could see they are correcting my gait but maybe not enough, I’m still pronating quite a bit.

He also asked me if I had any other problems… I said blisters on the arches and he confirmed this is another complaint people had with the 2150s.

He suggested I try on a pair of Brookes Adrenalins instead and when we checked them on the video again, they looked like they did a better job than the Asics so I bought a pair.

It’s highly doubtful I will run Brighton in them but I was going to change the 2150s after next Sunday’s marathon anyway… I’ll probably just try and break the Brookes in a little early.

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Miles today: 3
Target: 606
Miles to date: 796.09

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Missing out on day 200

So in the midst of telling you about the day before yesterday’s physio session, I completely missed noticing I’ve now passed 200 days of straight running on the streak – only another 165 days to go.

I noticed this morning that while running my legs felt heavier than an elephants and I am now stressing that the cause of the injury are my running shoes.

I wear stability trainers which are meant to stop your feet from rolling when you run. I’d had my gait analysed about 18months ago and these were the ones suggested to me but stability trainers should really not be allowing me to get shin splints. What if the guy who tested me got it wrong? Depending on whether your feet role out or in when you run you are either pronating or suppinating. I always get mixed up which is which, what if they guy who tested me did too? The trainers you need for each condition are very different and would exacerbate problems….

I’ve a sports massage tomorrow but after, I am going to go and have them looked at again… just in case.

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Miles today: 3
Target: 603
Miles to date: 793.09

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Stress dreams and medial stress syndrome

So the amount of running I’m doing, or rather the amount of thinking about the amount of running I’m doing is obviously getting to me. Last night I had my first running stress dream.

I was headed to the start of a marathon in a wheelchair and was about to ‘run’ the race in the chair when someone came up to me and urged me to get out of the chair and try running. When I did so, I set off injury free and at a really good pace, convinced I was going to run in less than 2hrs 30mins (hey, it was a dream).

It all probably stemmed from yesterday’s visit to the physio department at the National Sports Centre at Crystal Palace. Like my sports masseuse at Virgin Active, Caroline, the physio who saw me spent a lot of time just saying: ‘why?’ before getting down to business. Luckily, like most people who deal with runners, she recognises the obsessive streak.

Anyway, after much prodding and poking and pulling about, she said everything was in good working order apart from the lower part of my legs where I am suffering from Tibial Medial Stress Syndrome. If you Google it, you’ll find ‘shin splints’ coming up a lot. So tell us something we don’t know right? I was told I had shin splints weeks ago by Lillian.

Well, apparently, its not that simple. Shin splints is a bit of a generic catch-all term for any lower leg pain around the shins but there are several different conditions that can cause it – and as such, medical professionals are loath to use it to describe one injury. According to Caroline, the traditional ‘shin splint’ pain should be right on the front of the bone with the very thin layer of muscle in front of the bone gets tight, whereas I am suffering from an inflammation of the soft tissue that links the muscle to the bone on the inside of the shin.

Caroline said: ‘The main cure is rest but I know you are not going to do that so let’s see if we can nurse you through the marathon and then take another look when your mileage drops back to three miles a day.

And so as a first attempt, after massaging the affected areas, she has strapped the front of my shins with tape in an attempt to take some of the pressure. I need to see her again on Friday to see how it’s all going. We’re also going to have another look at my gait – how I run – and see if that affects anything and if I need a different kind of trainer rather than the support ones I currently use.

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Miles today: 3
Target: 600
Miles to date: 790.09

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And a little bit of good news…

A big thank you to everyone who has emailed over the last couple of days with encouraging messages over the shin splints issue and especially to Maxine Sheppard of ┬áVirgin’s travel inspirations site V:travelled (check them out) who’s put me onto the Bowen Technique – I’ll sign up for a session or two and see if it helps.

I had another sports massage session with Lillian last night and she said, aside from the shin splints, my legs are doing fine. In fact she said IT band, calves, quads and hamstrings were in amazing condition all things considered, so it’s just a case of getting the shins to calm down a bit and I should be okay.

This morning’s run saw loads of drizzle… it’s the kind of weather I like running in, for some reason it makes you feel as though you are doing more than just running and allows you to grit your teeth and plough on, shin splints or not!

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Miles today: 3
Target: 576
Miles to date: 753.07

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