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Day 39

Moving hotels today we are going to Kissimee so had to go for an early run at 7.00 am , still very warm about 80 degrees.I was suffering from sunburn on the tops of my feet , I forgot to put sun cream on my feet , everywhere else but my feet even putting on my shoes hurt, so I knew this would be one of those days that this challenge is all about any other day and I would not have run, but there is no ducking out now.
Miles today 3.00
Miles completed 125.16
Miles to go 975
Shoes Nike lunarglides

Day 10

Well the sun came out so i thought i would venture out for my latest 3 miler, this consisted of a mix of road running and off road, really enjoyable i must do more trail running, it takes more out of you but it is worth it.
Miles today : 3.01 miles
Miles completed : 31.56
Miles to go : 1063.44
Shoes : Nike lunarglide

Running out of time


Bloody hell. So Monday is my practical assessment for my level 3 personal training award, Wednesday I have a ‘training in alternative environments’ workshop all day and Thursday I have two exams, one in Exercise and Fitness Knowledge, the other in Nutrition.

And it feels as though I’m drowning in it all.

For Monday’s assessment, I have to give a mock session to a ‘body’, a lad called Jonathan from the course that includes a host of advanced resistance techniques in the gym.

And so I ran to the local Virgin Active and made myself do John’s whole session so I knew I could teach it properly. The problem is, the advanced techniques see you do some pretty crazy things, four different exercises, one after the other with no reps and heavy weights.

By the time I’d finished, I was ready to be sick – and then had to run home on top of it… As I said


Miles today: 3.01
Target: 1071
Miles to date: 1,487.30
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Today’s run

Leaving the long run

I decided to leave the long run today… legs were hurting too much and I have too much to do. On the one hand, I’ve loads of revision to do, on the other two articles to write, and on a third, if there is one, loads of stuff to do before the painters and decorators come to the house tomorrow. We’re on a proper fixing kick at the moment, getting ready for the arrival of the twins.

Run wise, I went up to the Virgin Active gym in Streatham and back, with a workout in the middle. When I say workout, I mean trying out a host of advanced resistance training techniques that I have to prove I can teach a week tomorrow for my assessment.

Miles today: 3.2
Target: 1053
Miles to date: 1,469.28
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Today’s run

First rule of running club fails… and a new ailment

A particularly bad run this morning where for the first time ever, the First Rule of Running Club failed.

For those of you who have missed any related posts, the First Rule of Running Club was devised by my pal David. The First Rule of Running Club dictates that you must got for a number two before going on a run… the theory is that if you don’t, you’ll want to half way through the run.

Well I followed the first rule and I still wanted to go half way through the run – which made for a particularly uncomfortable second half of the run.

The strange pain in the bottom of my left foot was also playing on my mind. With every step, I get a small stabbing pain coming up in the area just before my toes… it’s not unbearable but not pleasant either.

So this evening, I decided to venture back to my running heroine, Lillian, the sports maseuse at the Virgin Active gym in Streatham. She gave me a good going over, releasing some of the pressure on my aching muscles and in particular the adductors (the ones on the inside of your thigh). But she also found what is wrong with my foot – apparently, I’ve a little bit of tendonitis and I could feel it clicking as she tried to massage it away.

Click here for a link to Garmin Connect for a map and details of the run

Miles today: 5
Target: 972
Miles to date: 1,330.75

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Fancy a 24 hour run?

There’s a race coming up in two Saturday’s time that I would have loved to take part in: the Adidas TR24.

It’s a 24 hour cross country race for teams of up to eight over a 10km course. Basically, you always have to have one of your team  running the course over the 24 hours. So you could do, say 20km (or two laps), let someone else go out for a lap or two, followed by someone else and when you have recovered, you can go again.

It’s all part of this new drive by Adidas for their new running community testadidas.co.uk and invited participants get the following:

–          Free entry to TR24 to be part of the adidas team

–          Free pair of Swoop 2 trail shoes

–          Free running kit (tops and bottoms)

–          Free catering / refreshments on the day

–          Free massages

Unfortunately, I cant take part as it is the weekend of Laura’s sister’s wedding but the team publicising the event are looking for willing participants.

As it’s part of the ‘test adidas’ trial if you fancy a go, you would also have to take part in the community with some online reviews of kit and the like, it’s at www.testadidas.co.uk which goes live this week.

If you want to sign up, drop a line to

Atheer [at] wildfirecompany.com

From a running perspective, I did another five miler today, heading out on what has now become a familiar route to the Virgin Active gym and back.

I’ve my first practical assessment in gym instructing this weekend which will get me the first part of my PT diploma and allow me to start training people in gyms if I wish so it was good to get some practice time in on equipment that will be used in the exam.

Click here for a link to Garmin Connect for a map and details of the run

Miles today: 5
Target: 909
Miles to date: 1,219.63

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Mileage passes 1150 and getting burnt

So I actually passed 1150 yesterday with a 4.2miler but really didn’t have time to put anything on the blog about it so I’ve just updated the figures for yesterday and left it at that.

I’ve been feeling a little sluggish since I upped the mileage to five miles a day over the last two weeks and have been trying to drop my pace to turn the runs into recovery ones, rather than proper pace ones.

This morning, I again split a five miler with a session at the local Virgin Active which gives me chance to practice on some of the resistance machines that I need to brush up on for my practical gym instructor exam on the PT course which is in a couple of week’s time.

I normally wear little gym gloves when doing weights as my hands tend to callous quite easily (it comes from having soft jobs for the last 20 years I think) but I couldnt wear them this morning.

Last night, I made some pasta and as I was emptying it into a sieve, a load of the hot water splashed all over my hand. Despite sleeping – at Laura’s insistence – with my hand in a bucket of water all night, I’ve still got a couple of nasty blisters on two fingers this morning…

Click here for a link to Garmin Connect for a route map and details of the run

Miles today: 5
Target: 876
Miles to date: 1,155.81

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Nothing on yesterday

I’d love today’s run to have been half as exciting as yesterdays but sadly, there were no young lads beating the shit out of themselves today.

I did allow myself a bit of a lie in though – ha – starting my first run of the week, a 5 miler,  at 7am. It was hot and sticky and, because I had my course over the weekend, it felt like it should be a Sunday until I saw the hundreds of cars clogging up Streatham High Road.

I split the run up with a session at the gym and spent an hour there going over all the resistance machines in anticipation of my next assessment on the course.

Click here for a link to Garmin Connect for a route map and details of the run

Miles today: 5
Target: 867
Miles to date: 1,141.61

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1,100 miles passed and "I can't wait for some chips"

So I know it’s not much of another milestone, given I passed my 1095 mile target just yesterday but today’s run took me past 1,100 miles so far.

With the weather so warm, I’ve decided on gym days I’m going to split my run: run up to the gym, do some weights and run back…. Normally that would be about three miles but today I decided to take a long route and up things to a five miler… There could be a reason for this – well there is in my head – but I’m not sure whether I should go public with it yet – I’ll see how this week goes.

I got the Virgin Active in Streatham just after opening and so it was pretty quiet, apart from the chap I sometimes see working out who seems to know everyone in the gym and greets them all with a massive guffaw and has a little bit of chit chat. Today – and I’m not sure why – it was Bond films.

There was also another girl there who I sometimes see. A young black lady, lithe as you like – I mean there is not an ounce of extra body fat on her and although she exercises alone, she clearly “beasts” herself to the extreme.

Today I found out why. She was speaking to loud bloke and I only caught part of the conversation but she is about to compete in something (not sure what) abroad next week. The guy was asking her how it was going and she seemed quite confident.

She also said she couldn’t wait to finish so she could have a bag of chips. “Really?” replied loud bloke. “Not a banana or something?” “Nah,” she said. “A bag of chips. I’ve not had one for two years.”

That, friends, is dedication.

Click here for a link to Garmin Connect for a route map and details of the run

Miles today: 5
Target: 843
Miles to date: 1,103.31

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Shocking experience at the gym

I was back in the gym for today’s run – once again I’ve left any strength conditioning to one side and feel bad about it. And once again, I’ve vowed to start going a couple of times a week again.

I keep an old pair of iPhone headphones at the gym that go into a socket on the treadmill and allow me to watch whatever is on one of the screens while I’m running. There was a slight problem today though… the phones were shorting and I got a couple of short, sharp zaps in the right ear before I abandoned the idea. The phones are now abandoned in a nearby bin.

Click here for a link to Garmin Connect for details of the run

Miles today: 3.11
Target: 804
Miles to date: 1,054.50

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