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Day 365: Finished, and entered the wall of fame….

Well it’s over, done, finished!!!


The first thing to do is thank everyone who ran with me tonight at Grove rugby club, speechless at the amount of friends who turned out to run, and having a drink and celebrate both my 40th and the completing A lovely evening with great people. Thank you to the seniors who ran with me, it meant a great deal to me. Plus the amount of cards and gifts people brought, thank you all.


 Time to look back over the last year. When I started this I stated I had four reasons for do the challenge, they were:

Improve my fitness and lose some weight, both of which I have done, I can now run 3 miles without thinking about the run, and after it I feel no pain… I also have improved my pace, getting fast as the year went on, and have run 3 miles in 21 minutes 11 seconds, I will get under 21 minutes sometime…plus lost 3 stone in weight..


Help improve my writing, as I am Dyslexic I thought this might help….. Not sure it has, due to most of the blogs being written late in the evening when I am tired and not thinking… But to anyone who suffers with dyslexic, don’t let it hold you back…


Challenging myself both physically and mentally, the physical side I will come onto later, the mentally challenge… You have to have a screw loss to do this in the first place, but there was only one time I thought I would have to quit. This was due to my knee strain but thanks to help from friends, family and a work colleagues, (thank you Mr Hemant Pandit, Orthopaedic Surgeon) who advised me that I could run and it would not do any more damage, just hurt, time to man up….


Charities, raising money for these great charities has also helped me through. I started with one in my mind, but as the year has gone on, there have been other events which have occurred adding two more to the challenge. I am amazed at the amount of money people have given to help these three great charities. (It not too late to give, just hit Here

Make a wish is for children and young adults who are fighting a life shortening illness, and the future is not looking good. They are after a wish, that you can’t buy of the shelf, but will put a smile on their face, while everything around them is black.. Also giving their families memories of happy times to cherish.

CRUK, this last year friends and work colleagues have again been hit by cancer, and it is about time we hit cancer hard.. We can put man on the moon, dive to the bottom of the ocean, break speed records but we can’t stop cancer, it about time we did…

Parkinson UK, very close and personal. Due to my mother, but when you talk about Parkinson’s you realise there are more people who have it than you thought. So not only raising money but also awareness of it.


There was also a fifth reason, about 10 days after I started this challenge I spoken to my brother Simon, and told him I had started this challenge, he laughed and bet me £10 I would not complete it….. Well it gives me great pleasure to say ‘Simon hand it over….’


Stats time:
I have ran 1200 miles for this challenges, but my GPS states other wish, a total of 1224.43, all those .01 add up. If I was to add the total time I have ran together, I would have to run for near 8 whole days together… And have burnt over 212231 calories through running over the last year, or 393 burgers……



12-minute test 1.72 mi

One hour 7.29 mi

1 km 4m:02s

1 mile 6m:41s

3 km 13m:00s

3 miles 21m:11s

5 km 23m:25s

10 km 48m:57s

Half marathon 2h:08m:53s

Total workouts:374

Total duration:7d:23h:06m

Total distance:1224.43 mi

Trips around the world:0.049

Trips to the Moon:0.005

Average speed:6.41 mph

Average pace:9m:22s

Calories burned:212231 kcal

Burgers burned:393

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Now it is time to thank some people, in no order.. The first thank you is to Baloo the family dog, never complains about running and always happy to head out the door. James Ellis for starting this of in 2009, you have given me a great challenge and I have really enjoyed it, thank you James. Jon North and John Newton for running with me on Christmas Day, at 12.01 am, dressed up in Christmas outfit…… Also Jon for helping out looking after our boys when Tonya has been in A&E or hospital… For a number of reasons… Running with Grove rugby club, firstly the minis section and today the seniors section. Ling Jinks you have joined me for probably 1/3 of the runs which I am sure has made it easier, getting the email or text, running tomorrow morning, which has made me get up and get the run done before the day started, thank you for joining me on the streets of Oxford, and one run in Hyde Park. I have also ran with the family so thank you boys, and the one I remember is Henry joining me for one mile and we did not stop, all the way.. But the biggest thank you is for Tonya Sharpe, you have been a star over the last year. I would be lying if I said that this running did not cause a few discussions, (ok arguments…) but you have also been very very understanding about the challenge and I could not have done it without your help. 


What have I learnt over the last year? My body is not a temple, but I can make it do things I would never have thought possible. I have ran is some wonderful places, all over the country. Grove, Wantage, Oxford and The Roger Banister running track, Staffordshire, Norfolk, Dorset, London, as well as Wales and France. Competed in the White Horse Half Marathon, in the worst weather possible but with people who just help each other on, even when they don’t know you. Seen some lovely views while running, sunsets and rises, mostly around Grove and Wantage, we do live in a beautiful area. 

Sometimes getting out and running on your own can help your mind, and help get rid of any negative thoughts, ‘you can’t run angry for long is about right’.


What is next? Well I have a Wolf run in September and Oxford Half in October, so there is still some running to do, plus I find out in October if I have a place in The London Marathon 2016!? But tomorrow I will not be running…


Thank you everyone who has helped me, supported me, ran with me and given to the charities, hit here if you can afford £3 or more if possible…


Take care 




Day 365

Miles today 3

Miles completed 1200

Miles to go -105

Day 364: Life begins at 40!!!

The finial day is nearly here… If you would like to sponsor me please hit here,
Or here

The plan for tomorrow night is as follows:
Meet at Grove Rugby Club at 7pm, Cane Lane, Grove, Oxfordshire, OX12 0AA. We will be starting the run at 7:15 sharp, as the rugby team are joining the run and need to get back at they are training. I have done the run tonight and can confirm it is 3 miles, so don’t worry that’s all we are doing!! Below is a map showing the route and also tonight’s run showing it as well. We will have to cross some roads, the first on has a pelican crossing, the others crossing don’t so please take care. Also there will be some children running and some more senior runners, who’s eye sight may not be very good, (I have been told I will be in this category by tomorrow night!!) Seriously please the children at these crossing points, it is not a race, just three miles. When we return to the club, the bar will be open so time for a drink or three, apart from the rugby team, who will be training…..


If you are not up for running, please do come down and watch us off, have a drink and watch us back in, then have another drink
Tonight was very hot but felt ok, then met up with Mum and Dad where we headed to the pub, for a lovely steak
Don’t forget my giving page, hit here…..
See you tomorrow night..

Day 364

Miles today 4

Miles completed 1197

Miles to go -102

This will be the run for tomorrow night:

Day 363: So near the end…

Not much to say, can’t believe I only have two runs left, before reaching the end… A min of 6 miles to run. I will produce a map tomorrow showing where the run will be on Thursday, and details for it. 
The weather looks good, so no reason for you not to come out.
Just did 3 miles tonight, pleasant run, and dog was happy with just the 3. 

Day 363

Miles today 3

Miles completed 1193

Miles to go -98

Day 362: Running gear

If anyone is thinking of running everyday for a year, here is the equipment I used:
Three pairs of trainers

Six pairs of socks

A wide range of knee supports

Ice packs, deep heat, deep freeze, ibuprofen cream

Four pairs of shorts

One pair of running legs

Ten running tops

One running jacket

Two phones, (dropped one while running)

One phone holder

Two pairs of sun glasses

Tried a number of hats but none really worked

Two pairs of gloves
Possible a dog to run with… He can be a pain but has been good company.

So if you want to take up the challenge that is what I have required to run everyday for the last 362 days…
Tonight I ran to the rugby club and then ran a 3 mile route, going to run a different route tomorrow and confirm the route for Thursday. Very warm for running Baloo was very hot when we finished…

Day 362

Miles today 4

Miles completed 1190

Miles to go -95

Day 361: Running too late

Late run too tired. Catch you tomorrow

Day 361

Miles today 3

Miles completed 1186

Miles to go -91

Day 360: The boys are back, 

Henry and I travelled to Ross on Wye to pick up his brothers. Samuel and Oliver loved their week at PGL, full of tales from the week, and already asking about next year!! When we arrived home, started up the washing machine and now on the 4th load… Plus they are knackered…

BBQ for tea then to the allotment, which is producing some good veg this year, just need to store the potatoes properly. 
I ran late tonight as a hot day, very slow run, combination of eating to much meat and very hot. 

Day 360

Miles today 3

Miles completed 1183

Miles to go -88

Day 359: Will they do it 

Well are the ashes coming home? 3 more wickets to go… Now we just have to win back is the William Webb Ellis cup from New Zealand….
Our week without Samuel and Oliver is nearly over, going to pick them up tomorrow, and hear all the tales from the last week. This last week Henry has been at Serious 4 Sport and loved it, but completely worn him out.   
A late night run, when it was much cooler.

Day 359

Miles today 3

Miles completed 1180

Miles to go -85

Day 358: 3 events for today

Firstly thing to say, Happy wedding anniversary to my Mum and Dad
Second comment, 70 years since the first Atomic bomb dropped in anger, let’s hope there are never any more…
Third comment, 60 and all out…. Oh dear….
I ran tonight with Henry on his bike and Baloo on the lead. It was just 3 miles but we had a stop at Grove shops, for photos of Henry, and chips for the little man. After we got home Samuel and Oliver phoned again, I asked the question, on a scale of 1-10 is it again good, and both times 10…. So they are happy.

Also for those coming next Thursday, it is also the night with the biggest amount of shooting stars…
Day 358

Miles today 3

Miles completed 1177

Miles to go -82

Day 357: Two things happened tonight

Henry became a combine driver, he was at the wheel of a Class combine, Lexion 600. 

He drove up the field, hand at the controls, and even emptied the grain tank into a trailer. A very happy boy, and Dad….

Then tonight I ran with Tonya, Baloo and Henry on his bike. Very proud of Tonya doing 3 miles, and to the idiots in their car laughing at her… Tonya has more strength then you will ever have, get a life…

Day 357

Miles today 3

Miles completed 1174

Miles to go -79

Day 356: Phone call

We spoke to Samuel and Oliver tonight. I would like to say they were full of news to tell us and how much fun they are having. But they were so tired, getting two words out of Oliver was hard work… Think it safe to say, they are enjoying them selfs…
Another night time run, there was lots of smoke between grove and wantage, but could not see any fire, then on the way back a fire engine, looking for a fire… Hope nobody is hurt. Anyway the run was a straight forward 3 miles, at a 9 minute pace, nothing special…
Only 9 runs to go, single figures to go…

Here is day 9 blog…

Back to work for one day, then off for a long weekend. Love it. I was asked by Tonya, do you want to go into work, or stay here and do cleaning and jobs, let me think, no it’s ok, I’ll go to work. So dress down Friday, shorts and T shirt…

Late run tonight, must get more organised and run in the morning or have food earlier, running on a full stomach is not good

Day 9

Miles to day 3

Miles completed 29

Miles to go 1066



Day 356

Miles today 3

Miles completed 1171

Miles to go -76