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Previously on the challenge:

* Helen McCarthy, Irene Poon and Neil Cowburn all started the 1095 challenge in September 2011 and failed to complete the distance pulling out at various stages in the first three months

* Paul Wray and  Benjamin Scott Michalski both started the challenge in the summer of 2012 and failed to complete the distance, pulling out due to injury.

* Chad Merritt started the challenge on on July 2, 2014 and pulled out on September 19, 2014.

* Andy Joyce started the challenge on August 1, 2014 and pulled out after injury in December 2014

* Kathleen Zelony started the challenge in October 2014 and lasted little more than a week

* James Ellis completed the 1095 challenge in September 2010

* Andy Ratcliffe completed the 1095 challenge in September 2011

* Steve Morris completed the 1095 challenge in September 2012

* Aoife Gilmartin completed the challenge in June 2013

* David Whitehead completed the challenge in June 2013

Amanda Gosek completed the challenge in July 2013

* Stephen Marsden completed the challenge in August 2014

* Jon North completed the challenge in August 2014

* John Newton completed the challenge in August 2014

* Ger Clarke completed the challenge in September 2014

* Nathan Still completed the challenge in June 2015

* Toby Christensen completed the challenge in August 2015

*Richard Groenenberg completed the challenge in October 2015


  1. Dave Buskirk says:

    Hello all. Thank you each of you for your contributions. I can tell you that I have learned something from watching Amanda and Ben take on this personal challenge. I must tell you that you all have inspired me. I watch Amanda somehow get in her run time and blog every day. Now, she has kids to take care of, a household to maintain, a dog to tend and teaches 5th graders and is in a Masters program at a local college. She defies the fact there are 24 hours in a day and there is no being too busy or exhausted to run. Any excuse that I try to self-justify is shut down in my mind because it does not compare. I am certain all of you have your busy lives and still manage to get out there and run. Thank you all for being an inspiration to those of us quietly watching from the sidelines.

  2. Aoife says:

    Thanks Dave – its always nice to know that someone is reading these blogs … Its great that Amanda has good encouragement from you as it is SOOO needed on some days! When are you starting yourself :-)

    • Dave Buskirk says:

      Exactly Aoife… I have NO excuses myself anymore! I want to say “I have no meniscus one one knee and a partial in another, I get exercised induces asthma… the bottom line is that I am fat and out of shape. And even though I do have these physical burdens… It certainly will not get better with time! Keep running. Many of people are watching.

  3. Crazy but amazing project! I can’t find your dedication and perseverance (mainly because of my lower back pain) but I can appreciate your chioce. I’ll read your blog

  4. Ed Dunbar says:

    Hi, great to find this website. Inspriing to read everyones posts. I started a 5km x 50 days challenge on the 30th March this year and once complete decided just to carry on to 100 days, and now I am approaching 6 months in a couple of weeks. I am a bit undecided what to do as i live in the country and the mornings are getting darker and the evenings drawing in so i will be risking life and limb running on rural roads in the dark. Really enjoying it and i have seen lots of benefits – lost weight, pbs at 5km, 10km and half marathon as well as general well being. I am keen to do an ultra marathon next year so perhaps i should alter my training to suit which would include rest days but at the expense of my unbroken running streak! dilemma….

    • James says:

      Hey Ed. Thanks for enjoying the site! Get yourself a head torch and run on!!!
      I now do ultras – and you don’t get many rest days, my current mileage is 70 a week!!

  5. Amanda Gosek says:

    I started this challenge in 2012. I have never stopped the streak. The addiction is real! 1095miles changed my life. :)

  6. Ed dunbar says:

    Further to my last post, I am still on my running streak of at least 5k (3.1 miles) everyday. Currently day 631! Targeting 2 years. Also managed two ultra distance races this year with more planned next year. Keep on running!

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